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Occupational safety is an important issue for all employers and should be taken seriously, especially when it comes to preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. A catchy safety slogan can help reinforce the importance of workplace safety in the minds of employees. Studies have shown that a successful safety program includes a slogan that employees can easily recognize and remember.


100+ catchy workplace safety slogansSave time, save lives:There are no excuses:Introduction of new habits:in summary100+ catchy workplace safety slogansGeneral security slogansrespect for your colleaguesmotor safetyThese memorable safety slogans can remind your employees to take care of their safety and the safety of others. By creating a positive attitude towards safety, your workplace can become a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

To help achieve that goal, we've compiled a list of over 100 memorable workplace safety slogans. These slogans range from funny and light-hearted to serious and no-nonsense, making it easy to find one that fits any organization's security goals. Some slogans focus on general security precautions, while others emphasize specific security measures, such as: B. the correct use of ladders, avoiding trips and slips or the use of personal protective equipment.

#1: "Safety rules are your best tools"

#2: "Security is not a coincidence"

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#3: “Security is good business sense”

#4: “Safety First, Last, and Always”

#5: “Take Security Seriously”

#6: “A secure job is a happy job”

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#7: "Stay alert, accidents hurt"

#8: “Work smart, stay safe”

#9: "Plan and Prevent, Don't Respond and Fix"

#10: "Security is not a game, so play it safe"

These are just a few of the many memorable security slogans found on the list. With so many options, employers can easily find a tagline that is appropriate and tailored to their specific business. In doing so, they affirm that safety really matters and is an integral part of the work environment.

Studies have also shown that safety slogans displayed in areas where employees and visitors can see them can help further reinforce safety practices in the workplace. In addition, these slogans also provide a great opportunity to educate employees and remind them of the dangers of safety shortcuts. After all, injured workers can cost companies in the form of lost productivity, higher insurance premiums, and potentially high legal fees.

In summary, memorable safety slogans are an efficient and cost-effective way to promote safe practices and procedures in the workplace. With over 100 slogans listed, employers can easily find the phrase that best suits their safety needs and create a slogan that reminds employees and visitors that safe practices are required in their work environment.

100+ catchy workplace safety slogans

Everyone wants to be safe in their workplace, and memorable safety slogans are one way to ensure everyone takes workplace safety seriously. Here is a list of some of the most popular and effective security slogans:

Save time, save lives:

  • Security is a full-time job.
  • Put safety first.
  • Make safety a priority.
  • Accidents hurt, safety doesn't.
  • Rest assured, no excuses.
  • Better safe than sorry.
  • Safety concerns everyone.
  • If safety is your priority, you've come to the right place.
  • Safe today, injury-free tomorrow.

There are no excuses:

  • Safety first or it won't last.
  • Security is not a game.
  • When security is essential, nothing is optional.
  • Take security home with you.
  • Security is no coincidence.
  • Put security in your hands.
  • Safety is the key to productivity.
  • Security is our promise.
  • Safety is not a game, play it safe.

Introduction of new habits:

  • Choose safety and stay alive.
  • Your future offers security.
  • Make safety part of your routine.
  • Don't ignore security, it will never ignore you.
  • Security starts with you.
  • Make sure.
  • Safety eliminates distractions.
  • Take care of your safety.
  • Stop guessing, start knowing safety.

in summary

Having catchy safety slogans is an important part of maintaining safety in the workplace. With these slogans, everyone can be reminded of the importance of safety in their everyday life. A useful slogan can help employees feel comfortable and safe in their workplace.

100+ catchy workplace safety slogans

It is important to create a safe and healthy work environment for employees in all industries. As part of this effort, memorable workplace safety slogans can help remind employees to be safe in the workplace. Here is a collection of 100+ of the best catchy workplace safety slogans:

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General security slogans

  • Safety is a way of life, not just a rule.
  • Be sure to take care of yourself.
  • Safety first.
  • Accidents hurt, safety doesn't.
  • Don't be careless, be CAREFUL.
  • Working safely is easier than repairing damage.
  • Reduce your risk, take no risk.
  • If you play it safe, you risk losing your life.
  • Work safely today for a better tomorrow.

respect for your colleagues

  • Safety is everyone's business - look out for each other.
  • Your family wants you to get home safely every day.
  • Safe actions lead to surprising results.
  • Take the time to do it safely... or pay the consequences!
  • Negligence is no longer an option.
  • Don't be a statistic: use personal protective equipment.
  • Treatment of unsafe conditions is an emergency.
  • Return home the same way you came - safe.
  • I know who cares.

motor safety

  • Don't drive like you own the road.
  • Buckle up for safety.
  • One speed is safer than any speed: zero.
  • Driving alarm: Arrive alive!
  • Do not text while driving, it can wait.
  • Safety is in your hands.
  • Speed ​​inspires, but safety kills.
  • Make security part of your life.
  • Think before you drive.

These memorable safety slogans can remind your employees to take care of their safety and the safety of others. By creating a positive attitude towards safety, your workplace can become a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Safety is a priority in all workplaces, large and small. It is important to ensure employees are aware of applicable policies and procedures to keep them safe and healthy in their daily activities. One way to ensure workers understand the importance of safety is to use catchy safety slogans in the workplace. To that end, here are 100+ catchy safety slogans to remind workers to stay safe.

1. Safety makes perfect: Perfection comes from attention to detail

2. Look before you jump - you only have one life, think about how to use it

3. Think safety first: Prevention saves lives

4. Security: use it or lose it!

5. We trust in safety

6. Security is not just another word

7. One small step can make a big difference

8. Take the time to get it right the first time.

9. Security is a wise choice

10. If you're feeling bad, you probably are: don't risk it

11. Prevention is better than cure

12. No Shortcut: Long shortcuts take longer

13. Safety doesn't take a vacation

14. Try before you trust

15. Make an effort to be safe

16. Safety saves lives, not time

17. Step out carefully: no one wants to get hurt

18. Everyone has a role: stand up and do your part.

19. Take a moment and think before you act

20. There is safety in numbers

21. Don't run from safety: take it by the horns

22. Take your time to be careful

23. Be careful with caution

24. Security is not an accident

25. Safety may not be fun, but it is important

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26. Your safety is important to us

27. Safety now, no injuries later

28. Security: It's not just a slogan

29. Security saves money

30. Always think before you act

31. Slowly, safety is there

32. Secure your security, secure your future

33. Protect yourself: It's common sense

34. Security is not an option, it is a necessity

35. Always wear safety gear

36. Prevention is better than cure

37. Risk-free doesn't mean risk-free

38. Wear your safety gear

39. Focus on the task at hand

40. Don't ruin your day, stay safe

41. Security sucks, but it's necessary

42. It's not worth taking risks

43. Working safely keeps you alive

44. Security is essential

45. Play it safe

46. ​​​​​​​​​​Safety is a priority

47. Safety can also be fun

48. Be proactive: Beware of danger

49. There are no shortcuts to safety

50. Safety is everyone's business

51. Safety first

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52. More complicated injuries

53. Don't risk it

54. What you don't see can hurt you

55. Attention to Security Details

56. Working safely is working smart

57. Prioritize safety

58. Protect yourself and others

59. Security: Be vigilant

60. Be a security hero

61. Don't play it safe

62. Do it right, do it safe

63. Security is a heavy burden

64. Don't risk your life

65. Take care of yourself

66. Don't let security overwhelm you

67. Safety is a lifeline

68. Keep it clean, keep it safe

69. Security requires courage

70. Watch out, make sure

71. Everyone deserves to go home safe and sound

72. It can prevent more than it cures

73. Security is always at the train station

74. No obstacles to safety

75. Safety rules at work

76. Avoid the worst, act for the best

77. Focus on safety

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78. Don't let carelessness ruin the fun

79. Safety is a journey, not a destination

80. Security is a mission, not an intermediary

81. Bring safety to the driver's seat

82. Go the extra mile for safety

83. Stay alert, stay alive

84. Security is a way of life

85. Prevention above all else

86. Physical security is mental security

87. Everyone wins for sure

88. Don't take chances with safety

89. Safety is an everyday thing

90. Put safety first

91. Good habits breed safe habits

92. Safety first

93. Think before you put yourself in danger

94. Security is not just work

95. Think smart, stay safe

96. Take control of your security

97. Don't underestimate the power of security

98. Safe work is smart work

99. The best gifts are securely wrapped

100. Security is cute

101. Safety comes first every second

All of these slogans will help keep employees informed and remind them of the importance of safety in the workplace. Whether printed on desks, on safety gear, or having workers say these phrases at work, these slogans can be a useful and easy way to keep safety in mind.


What is the best safety quotes for work? ›

"Working safely is like breathing – if you don't, you die.” "If you don't think it is safe, it probably isn't.” "For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” "Luck runs out, but safety is good for life.”

What is a good safety message for today? ›

Always wear safety goggles when working with hazardous materials. Follow safety procedures at all times when using power tools. Make sure your work area is tidy and free of trip hazards. Watch where you're walking – don't run in the workplace!

What are the top 5 slogans? ›

The top advertising slogans of all time are:
  • IMAX - Think Big.
  • KFC - Finger Lickin' Good.
  • Greyhound - Leave the Driving to Us.
  • Hershey's - Pure Happiness.
  • Dairy Queen - Happy Tastes Good.
  • Pringles - Once You Pop, the Fun Don't Stop.
  • Sprite - Obey Your Thirst.
  • Rice Krispies - Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Jul 23, 2020

What are 5 popular slogans? ›

10 Popular slogans to emulate
  • Bounty "The quicker picker upper" ...
  • Old Spice "The original. ...
  • AllState "You're in good hands" ...
  • Subway "Eat fresh" ...
  • Dollar Shave Club "Shave time. ...
  • Airbnb "Belong anywhere" ...
  • Dunkin' "America runs on Dunkin'" ...
  • Kellog's Rice Krispies "Snap!

What is a famous quote on safety? ›

Safety, in its widest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment and freedom of mankind." “The danger which is least expected soonest comes to us." “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and security." “The safety of the people shall be the highest law."

What is the best work quote? ›

Some of the best motivational quotes for work include: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” by Henry Ford, “It always seems impossible until it's done.” by Nelson Mandela, and a Chinese proverb that says, “Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it.”

What are the 3 safety words? ›

Safety words: Warning, Caution, Danger | OEM Off-Highway.

What is a strong slogan? ›

Effective slogans are naturally catchy from the moment people hear or see them for the first time. For example, one of the best and most relevant slogans is Nike's "Just Do It." It rolls off the tongue naturally. It is short, but it is impactful. Remember, less is more.

What is a perfect slogan? ›

The most enduring brand slogans are often short, catchy and easy to remember. Much like a song chorus that gets stuck in your head, it needs to have a rhythm or sound that rolls off the tongue and is instantly recognisable.

What are three slogans? ›

The three slogans are ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery, war is peace.

What are the 10 top reasons why workplace safety is important? ›

Here are the top 10 reasons.
Nov 11, 2019

How do you inspire safety in the workplace? ›

Culture of Safety: 5 Ways to Encourage Safety in the Workplace
  1. Make safety an important part of your organization's culture. ...
  2. Leadership teams should be champions of safety. ...
  3. Use positive reinforcement. ...
  4. Your employees should feel ownership in the safety process. ...
  5. Utilize employee feedback to reassess your safety program.
Feb 25, 2021

What is a short slogan? ›

A slogan is a short phrase that is easy to remember. Slogans are used in advertisements and by political parties and other organizations who want people to remember what they are saying or selling. They could campaign on the slogan 'We'll take less of your money'.

How do I find a catchy slogan? ›

Tips on How to Choose a Memorable Slogan
  1. Keep it Short and Sweet. Keeping your slogan short and sweet makes it much easier for it to really stick to the brain. ...
  2. Be Consistent. ...
  3. Focus on What Makes Your Company Different. ...
  4. Make it Timeless. ...
  5. Make Sure It Can Stand Alone. ...
  6. Most Famous Advertising Slogans. ...
  7. Time to Spread!
Jun 23, 2017

What is the 99 slogan? ›

We are the 99% is a political slogan widely used and coined during the 2011 Occupy movement. The phrase directly refers to the income and wealth inequality in the United States, with a concentration of wealth among the top-earning 1%.

What is a creative slogan? ›

According to the book "Creative Advertising" by Charles Whittier: "A slogan should be a statement of such merit about a product or service that is worthy of continuous repetitive advertising; is worthwhile for the public to remember; and is phrased in such a way that the public is likely to remember it."

Why is a slogan catchy? ›

With catchy phrases, potential customers will think of your brand and your products every time they do the thing you mention in your slogan.

What is a famous short quote? ›

"If you're going through hell, keep going." "There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true." "The price of greatness is responsibility." "The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes."

What is the slogan safety first? ›

The slogan “Safety first” means it's always best to be safe rather than sorry. It may seem like an easy way out of any responsibility or concern for our own lives, but in reality, taking precautions will keep us safe from all sorts of accidents.

What are 10 positive quotes? ›

Motivational quotes to start your day
  • “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” — ...
  • “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” — ...
  • “Don't settle for average. ...
  • “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.” — ...
  • “Don't bunt.
May 18, 2020

What are good quotes to motivate employees? ›

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” “Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.” “You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

What are 5 basic safety rules? ›

The most complex safety topics boil down to these simple safety rules.
  • Always wear your seatbelt when in a vehicle or heavy equipment. ...
  • Always inspect equipment and tools. ...
  • Always use fall protection when working at heights. ...
  • Stay of out the blind spots of heavy equipment. ...
  • Never put yourself in the line of fire.
Nov 22, 2019

What are the 4 important safety rules? ›

The Basics of Safety
  • STAY ALERT - and stay alive. ...
  • WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES - work clothes should fit properly. ...
  • USE THE RIGHT TOOLS - if you need a hammer, get a hammer. ...
  • LEARN HOW TO LIFT - Lifting takes more than muscle; it is an art.

What are the 7 safety rules? ›

Top 7 workplace safety tips
  • Know the hazards. ...
  • Reduce workplace stress. ...
  • Get up and move. ...
  • Pay attention to ergonomics. ...
  • Use safe lifting techniques. ...
  • Ensure employees wear personal protective equipment. ...
  • Encourage employees to speak up.
Jun 8, 2017

What is a powerful slogan? ›

Effective slogans are naturally catchy from the moment people hear or see them for the first time. For example, one of the best and most relevant slogans is Nike's "Just Do It." It rolls off the tongue naturally. It is short, but it is impactful. Remember, less is more.

What is the slogan for safe and healthy environment? ›

Go green, breathe clean. Stop polluting the environment. Save our planet. Think before you trash it.

What are the safety words? ›

The most common safeword system is the "traffic light" system, in which "red" means "stop", "amber" or "yellow" means "proceed with caution", and "green" means "more, please!"

Who is the best slogan? ›

Top 20 slogans
  • Beanz meanz Heinz (1967) Maurice Drake – Young & Rubicam. Maurice Drake – Young & Rubicam. ...
  • Just do it – Nike (1987) Dan Wieden – Wieden + Kennedy. Dan Wieden – Wieden + Kennedy. ...
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin – Ronseal (1994) Dave Shelton/Liz Whiston. ...
  • Make love not war (1965) Various – Rosemont et al.

How do I find the perfect slogan? ›

How do you write a catchy slogan?
  1. - Play on a popular phrase (Adidas: Impossible is nothing)
  2. - Keep it short and punchy (Apple: Think different)
  3. - Use onomatopoeia (Mazda: Zoom Zoom)
  4. - Include your brand's name (Dunkin' Donuts: America runs on Dunkin')
  5. - Aim to inspire (L'Oreal: Because you're worth it)

What is a slogan example? ›

Creative Slogans

Examples : Maybelline – “Maybe she's born with it, maybe its Maybelline” Meow Mix – “Tastes so good, cats ask for it by its name”

What is a simple slogan for environment? ›

Let's go green as it makes environment clean. Save environment, save life. Save the environment, save the nature.

How would you make a slogan about safety and hygiene practices in the workplace? ›

Here are a few effective slogans that can help make your safety messages unforgettable.
  1. “Success in Safety” ...
  2. “Dare to Care” ...
  3. “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow” ...
  4. “Tell Me – I Forget. ...
  5. “Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn't” ...
  6. “Stay Alert – Don't Get Hurt” ...
  7. “If You See Something, Say Something. ...
  8. “Avoid a Scene and Keep Your Workplace Clean”
Nov 23, 2020

What are the top 10 safe words? ›

According to the survey of 1,300 adults conducted by the UK sex toy brand Lovehoney, the number one safe word is "red," followed by "pineapple," "banana" (okay, that makes sense), "orange," and "peach," in that order. Rounding out the top 10 are "apple," "vanilla," "yellow," "blue," and "unicorn."


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