2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review (2023)

they saidPorsche 911 GTSIn terms of value for money, it's the sweet spot in the 911 range, right between the hardcore GT3 and the everyday Carrera S version.

What's even better about this latest 992-generation car from a driver's perspective is that you can keep it relatively clean by ditching all-wheel drive and the PDK automatic for the simplicity and engagement of a seven-speed manual.

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That's exactly the spec we got as testers - in Racing Yellow, no less. The color of the 911 wasn't my first choice, but I'm surprised how quickly I warmed to it, especially with the black badging that's synonymous with the GTS and part of the variant's charm.

The exclusivity of the 911 GTS also appeals to the standard Carrera S. There are plenty, but not many GTSs; certainly, there aren't many coupes with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission.

Driving the GTS is a special feeling, and for those who don't mind the attention, all other drivers can see it. Not to mention the rumble and extra decibels from the GTS. It sounds race-inspired, with that flat-six howl we all crave.

Choosing your GTS has never been easier, with five different versions available, including convertible, coupe and Targa variants. All are fast and both are desirable, but the coupe is the enthusiast's choice.

Regardless of color or variant, the 992 generation Porsche 911 represents the perfect incarnation of a model that has been in continuous development for nearly 60 years, both on and off the track.

How much does the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS cost?

Prices have gone up for the 911 range, but I think it's still good value for money compared to other high-end sports cars.

Porsche Australia has priced its 911 GTS Coupé with seven-speed manual or eight-speed PDK at the same $334,900 before on-road costs.

Considering the 911 GT3 is priced at $388,600, while the 911 Carrera S with the standard eight-speed PDK automatic transmission costs $298,100, that's money well spent in the 911 world. The perfect sweet spot is the GTS.

Like all luxury car manufacturers, Porsche offers a wide range of options - no matter which model you choose, even a GTS like the one tested here.

Tried options:

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  • Race-Tex interior package with black leather extensions: $8350
  • Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC): 6750 dolara
  • Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur interior package with contrasting decorative stitching: $6,500
  • Adjustable Sport Seats Plus (18-way, power) with Memory Package: $5,910
  • Front axle lift system: $5070 (absolutely required)
  • Rear axle steering $4720
  • Power sliding/tilting glass sunroof: $4,720
  • Dimmed LED matrix headlights, including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur: $4020
  • Dakbekleding by Race-Tex: 2440 dolara
  • Porsche Design Sub-tweede klok Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur:2110 美元
  • Brake calipers painted black (high gloss): $1,720
  • Lighting Design Package: $1,050
  • Racing yellow seat belts: $930
  • Race-Tex visor: $860
  • Color Coated Exterior Vehicle Key with Leather Key Pocket: $780
  • Racing yellow tachometer dial: $720
  • LED auxiliary light with "PORSCHE" logo on the door: $300

All told, the final price for the vehicle you see here is $391,850, excluding tolls.

2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Prices

  • Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Coupe: $334,900
  • Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet: 368,100 dollars
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Coupe: $354,200
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet: 387,900 dollars
  • Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS: 387.700 USD

The price does not include travel expenses

What's inside the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS?

For those unfamiliar with the Porsche 911, the GTS is a bit more special than its regular Carrera sibling, thanks to a Race-Tex runway interior that looks and feels like Alcantara, with the addition of contrast stitching (and seatbelts) in visual yellow.

Porsche's one-piece bucket seats have long been the benchmark in the segment, not only for their ability to secure your upper body in the most extreme driving conditions, but also for their comfort on the highway.

As with all Porsches, including coupes and SUVs, the seat sits deep in the vehicle in arguably one of the most desirable driving positions in the industry; flawless ergonomics that offer maximum control and visibility.

It's not over-the-top luxurious like a Bentley Continental with its gorgeous scalloped switches or a Ferrari with its floor-to-ceiling hand-stitched leather, but the GTS's materials are top-notch and feel great.

It also has the most grippy controls in the game to date. It's perfectly round, clean, and the rim wears well no matter where and how you ride it.

The cockpit is a perfect blend of old-world simplicity and modern technology, including the latest Porsche PCM 6.0 infotainment system, with wireless Apple CarPlay and Bose surround sound.

While CarPlay is now mostly my default for its versatility, from messaging to navigation and everything in between, you can also just say "Hey Porsche" to access things like Apple Music, find the nearest gas station, or check the temperature on the car's climate control.

In fact, it's almost perfect ergonomically, with everything within easy reach of the driver (and passenger, for that matter). I also like that Porsche took the time to integrate the infotainment screen, instead of the more common floating approach these days. On the right, the mostly digital driver's display retains its signature five-compass layout, with the tachometer front and center.

The fact that you still have to turn the Porsche's key to turn it over every time you drive is one of the day's highlights, followed by the 911 GTS' signature six-cylinder engine - only more intense than the 911 Carrera S compared to.

On the one hand, you might be confused by the fact that the GTS PDK is faster than a manual transmission, but just seeing the chunky shifter sitting perfectly on the center console is enough to put you on the right track.

The transmission is one of the most visceral transmissions ever made, meticulously calibrated for quick gear changes with a clutch action like no other transmission. If you drive a car with a manual transmission, you don't want PDK, and who knows, it might be the last 911 with a manual transmission.

I do things, but please stay with me.

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With standard compartments in the center console and pockets in the doors, you'll be hard pressed to find a place for your keys and phone quickly and easily. It's a little annoying, but given the pure driving pleasure of the GTS, you learn to live with it.

However, the 911's four-seat layout is unique in the sports car world, with the rear seats effectively serving as extra luggage space when the kids aren't around. Although they are only for kids, my 5'7" daughter has ridden them on occasion with no major complaints.

Further forward in the boot is a 132-litre boot, deep and wide enough for two large soft bags, and more if needed. Free up space even in hand luggage.

What's under the hood?

The 911 GTS series is powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine, although it produces 22kW more than its predecessor, the 991 and the current Carrera S, with a peak power of 353kW at 6500rpm. Torque has also increased by 20Nm, peaking at 570Nm between 2300rpm and 5000rpm.

The 911 GTS has a dual-flow sports exhaust with variable flaps as standard. In addition to the extra power and noise it produces, some of the soundproofing in the cabin has been removed - we mean for the better.

It comes standard with the Sport Chrono package, with a 64-liter fuel tank that consumes 10.1 L/100 km with manual consumption (10.1 L/100 km for the RWD PDK coupe, 10.7 L/100 km for the rear-wheel drive ) via premium gasoline 98 RON.

The fastest variant is the Carrera 4 GTS PDK, which accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds.

The slowest here is the manual rear-wheel drive tested here, which works in 4.1 seconds. The four-wheel drive Cabriolet and Targa recorded 3.5 seconds (PDK), while the rear-wheel drive Cabriolet recorded 3.6 seconds (PDK).

It may be the slowest in the range, but the GTS Coupé with manual rear-wheel drive is also the lightest at 1510kg, while all-wheel drive adds 50kg. Cutting the roof and bottom bars will cost you an additional 70 kg. Targa is the heavyweight of the GTS group, weighing 1685 kg.

How does the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS drive?

Never mind that the 911 GTS Auto hits 100 km/h 0.7 seconds faster than the manual car tested here. Let's be honest, Porsche's excellent manual transmission would make for a more sophisticated driving experience.

It is more dramatic and complex than the PDK version. Here you can imagine yourself driving his 911 S through the city of Le Mans to the circuit of Sarthe in the 1971 film of the same name.

Driving a 911 (current or classic) is always special, but that feeling is amplified behind the wheel in the GTS, and it's best with the seven-speed manual gearbox.

It's okay if you haven't mastered heel-toe shifting, the auto-cue feature makes that skill almost redundant - especially when it's hard to get momentum on your commute, but you still want to sound like a pro when downshifting.

While it's fine to start it up in normal drive mode, you'll want to ditch it almost immediately because of the louder noise and harsher throttle. Sport should be the default mode here, with the occasional quick switch to Sport+ when serious acceleration off the line is needed or desired.

The GTS gets Porsche's internal sports exhaust as standard, and for me it's one of the more recognizable options on the aftermarket. To me it's a more natural boosted cornering, something Porsche has perfected.

(Video) Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Why this makes for a better road car than the 992 GT3

It's also one of the most successful sounds you'll hear in a street car, inspired by Cup racing cars.

Miraculously, the GTS (or any other twin-turbo 911) has virtually no turbo lag. Porsche engineers have eradicated it, including the entire rev range. That performance alone is enough to make you celebrate every time you hit the gas pedal and feel that instant and long-lasting pressure. He pulls all the time.

If you think getting off the line is a thrill, it's more like a mid-range burst that takes your breath away. Porsche has played down its performance claims, even in manual trim. Either way, this Carrera GTS is fast, made even better by some of the best service in the business.

The clutch is just the right weight for good traction, providing maximum feedback and an especially quick release early in the pedal stroke. You can easily adjust the power more evenly in smaller steps.

It gives you confidence and control in any situation.

Then there are the controls. Perfectly weighted and beautifully direct at any speed, but no matter how stiff you are, it still feels so natural. When it comes to electric power steering, it is almost unrivaled in this segment.

Handling in the 911 is always very quick and direct, thanks to the inherently light front end when the engine is in the back.

Then, pressing the power early out of a corner is just as satisfying, as the extra weight of the flat-six provides incredible grip, as does its low-profile 305mm footprint, which almost pushes the rear of the car Part is glued while the tarmac. The feeling is great.

What's more, our GTS tester was equipped with rear-axle steering, which, while certainly optional on the 911, means less hand-wringing is required when cornering and roundabouts. Again, it never feels contrived.

For a purpose-built sports car that sits so low and drives so close to the ground, the GTS is incredibly nimble despite unparalleled lateral body control. The harder you try, the better it will be.

The GTS already has Porsche's latest Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) as standard with Adaptive Damper Control offering fine tuning between different modes, but our tester also had Porsche's optional (even on the GTS) Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) for maximum body control.

Don't get me wrong, the GTS is firm even on normal suspension settings, but it's never harsh, the chassis soaks up bumps very well, and the car is never tense, even in corners where more power is released in the middle.

It's amazing how the GTS manages to do all this without the driver feeling anything but complete confidence.

Stopping power is excellent (as always with the 911), thanks to a lightweight front end and massive 408mm front brakes with six-piston calipers. It's not just about their ability to get the car going, it's about the confidence they instill in the driver, even if you're late on the brake in a corner.

You'll still want the optional front linkage, even if you have a bit of a lip in your driveway to navigate like I do.

(Video) "Winter Beater" 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Coupe is the ultimate dream daily for all seasons.

It is controlled by a single button on the console and takes only a few seconds to raise or lower the nose. Even better, there's an option to save a location so the next time you reach that location using GPS data, the front end will automatically raise.

At 60 km/h, it automatically lowers the car to normal height.

what did you get

Highlights of the 911 Carrera GTS:

  • Sports exhaust system including dual tailpipes in black stainless steel (high gloss)
  • 20/21" Turbo S forged satin black center locking alloy wheels
  • Black highlights include the front spoiler lip, GTS badging on the doors and rear grille covers
  • Sport design package with satin black front and rear trim
  • Dimmed LED headlights with dark bezel, DRL
  • steering wheel servo plus
  • Automatic lights and wipers
  • Internal and external mirrors with automatic dimming
  • Two-zone climate control
  • Sports seats Plus with electric adjustment in 4 directions, embroidered GTS logo
  • Keyless entry and exit
  • Race-Tex black interior package
  • Seat cushions and headrests in embossed leather
  • heated steering wheel
  • Sill protectors made of brushed aluminum with black letters
  • Two USB ports on the center console
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Wired Android Auto
  • Digital Broadcasting (DAB+)
  • Bose surround sound system
  • Two cup holders (passenger side and center console)
  • Heated front seats
  • Parking assistance including surrounding view
  • check the tire pressure
  • Lane change assistance
  • Tire repair kit (does not save space)

Options we highly recommend include front wishbones ($5070) and the Porsche Dynamic Chassis ($6750).


Asked: $NCO

  • witty
  • Black
  • the guard blushes
  • running yellow

Metal: $NCO

  • jet black metallic
  • Ahat siva metallic
  • GT srebrna metallic
  • Gentian blue metallic

Special offer: $5700

  • Ruby Star New
  • blue shark
  • arctic gray
  • Karmin
  • crayon
  • icy gray metal

Is the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS safe?

Porsche doesn't run a sports car crash test across the entire 911 range, so there's no ANCAP safety rating here.

Standard safety equipment includes driver and passenger airbags, as well as thorax airbags built into the side bolsters of each front seat.

How much does it cost to drive a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS?

The GTS comes with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty with service intervals of 12 months or 15,000 km.

Maintenance costs range from $895 (up from $695 for basic service over the years) to $2,830 depending on requirements, which is still significantly cheaper than most other high-end brands.

CarExpert's view of the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Every Porsche 911 Carrera can be addictive – or dare I say tragic.

With its distinctive black accents and accessories on the not-so-shabby Carrera S, the GTS feels extra special, even during the morning commute.

It's never something particularly prominent in the 911, although the stronger note from the GTS's exhaust system is a bit intoxicating, even when you're cruising around the house with the hood down and the hoods open.

What's more, every control and electronic system is perfectly calibrated and synchronized to deliver the most consistently great driving experience you'll ever get in a sports car.

(Video) PORSCHE 911 992 CARRERA 4 GTS REVIEW | Sweet Spot of the 911 Range?

The 911 Carrera GTS badge has a certain exclusivity, derived from Porsche's impeccable GT heritage. It does not disappoint in any case.

Did you choose the wider manual over the faster PDK? I'm still torn between the two. There's no right or wrong choice here, but if you can look past the numbers, grab a manual and experience pure driving nirvana.

more:All Porsche 911s

an advantage

  • The 911 GTS is the absolute sweet spot
  • A fascinating supercar for everyday use
  • The best manual transmission in the business


  • It's no longer a bargain supercar
  • Limited space for phone and keys
  • Porsche Australia sells every 911

Top specs

  • Power: 353 kW
  • Fuel type: Premium unleaded gasoline
  • Fuel consumption: 10.7L/100km
  • CO2 emission: 245 g/km
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: Not tested


2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review? ›

There is nothing like a Porsche. It is a legend, an icon, and has stood the test of time (nearly 60 years) as the pinnacle for sports cars. Of course, something like the jaw-dropping 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS has the goods, we think the 2022 Porsche Carrera 911 GTS just might be the best version of the 911 ever.

Is 911 GTS a good car? ›

There is nothing like a Porsche. It is a legend, an icon, and has stood the test of time (nearly 60 years) as the pinnacle for sports cars. Of course, something like the jaw-dropping 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS has the goods, we think the 2022 Porsche Carrera 911 GTS just might be the best version of the 911 ever.

Will 911 GTS hold value? ›

A Porsche 911 will depreciate 15% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $178,971. The Porsche 911 is one of the greatest cars of all time, and is virtually problem-free and indestructible. As a result, it holds its value terrificly well.

What is special about the Carrera GTS? ›

The twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat-six is tuned up with more boost to produce 473 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque, 30 more of each than the Carrera S offers. Though an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic is standard, a seven-speed manual is a no-cost option.

How much is a Porsche Carrera GTS 2023? ›

The 2023 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet America is expected to arrive in late 2022 and will carry a starting MSRP of $206,190. Including the extended interior package, MSRP is $214,750.


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