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Security is a top priority for every business. Having the right security measures in place not only helps ensure staff safety, but also helps maintain the quality and continuity of operations. A great tool for promoting safety in any workplace is safety slogans. Safety slogans can be placed throughout the workplace using banners and signs to remind employees to put safety first.


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A variety of catchy, creative, and memorable safety slogans have been used over the years to promote safe work practices. In this article, we feature over 251 of the most popular, memorable, and creative security slogan ideas to keep your workplace and team safe.

The following safety slogans are well known and commonly used:

1. Security is not a coincidence

- Notice -

2. Take your time to be safe

3. Put safety first

4. Don't hurt yourself

5. Work safe, work smart

- Notice -

6. With security in mind

7. Be alert to accidents hurt

8. Accidents comply with the Prevention Act

9. Look before you jump

10. Safety is everyone's business

In addition to these classic safety slogans, several new and creative slogans have been developed over the years. Some of the best security slogans are:

11. Follow safety rules for a better future

12. Security is a responsibility, not an option

13. Safety is part of your job

14. No shortcuts to security

15. Keep an eye on the price - security

16. Avoid Injury: Prioritize Safety

17. Security should never take a vacation.

18. Safety saves lives

19. One security breach and you're out

20. Don't play it safe

Whichever safety slogan you choose, keeping safety in mind is crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. With the right training and mindset, accidents and injuries in the workplace can be greatly reduced and in some cases even eliminated entirely.

We hope that the 251+ memorable and creative safety slogans in this article will help you promote a safe work environment and encourage employees to always practice safe work habits. If the team practices safety first, everyone wins.

What are security slogans?

Safety slogans are simple, memorable phrases used to raise awareness of safety precautions and procedures. They are memorable and easy to remember and help convey a safety message.

Over 251 catchy safety slogans

Below is a list of 251+ catchy safety slogans to use in any workplace to make office safety a top priority.

  • Security: Reach your full potential.
  • Work safely and go home healthy.
  • Stop considering security as an option.
  • Safety is quality production.
  • Security - Take it personally.
  • Security is strength.
  • Safety is everyone's responsibility.
  • Safety: the basis of profit.
  • Safety first.
  • Safety pays off the cost of accidents.
  • Job security means no hospitalization.
  • Safety: quality of life.
  • Safety first, quality second.
  • Security now or pain later.
  • Get it right the first time, every time.
  • Safety: It's not a game.
  • Safety: keep it simple.
  • Security: The benefits are rated highly.
  • Safety: Make it a lifestyle.
  • Security: It's everyone's business.
  • Security: Thinking ahead pays off.
  • Working safely is easier than explaining an accident.
  • Security: It's everyone's business.
  • Safety: nothing to worry about.
  • Stay alert and stay alive.
  • Security is critical to success.
  • Security: More care, less sharing.
  • Safety: Take care of each other.
  • Be careful or excuse me.
  • Safety: Think before you act.
  • Safety: the larger the investment, the greater the return.
  • Security must not be left to chance.
  • Safety: A small slip can cause a big fall.
  • Work smarter and safer.
  • Safety gives you safety.
  • Safety first - lasts forever.
  • Definitely worth living.
  • No shortcuts to safety.
  • Security: Everyone wins.
  • Lack of security has no place.
  • Security: Always a good investment.

These slogans can emphasize the importance of safety and help make employees more aware of their actions in the workplace.

Over 251 catchy safety slogans

Security is no coincidence. To ensure a safe environment for all of us, it is important to use safety slogans to keep safety in mind. The best security slogans can be hard to find, so we've compiled a list of over 251 of the best security slogans. Each of these slogans is designed to address a variety of safety issues, from general workplace safety to specific concerns such as electrical safety and slip and fall prevention.

General occupational safety slogans

  • The safer the better– Practice safety so everyone can stay together.
  • Security is a way of life– Get used to being safe.
  • Let's keep safety #1- Keep safety first in your thoughts.
  • Security is on the way- Keep an eye on security before she hits you.
  • Safety is our goal– Make sure security is on your agenda.
  • Zero accidents start with me– Accidents start with individuals, be responsible for yours.
  • No one is hurt– Do everything you can to protect everyone.
  • Safety starts with me– You are the most important thing.
  • Put safety first– Before beginning a task, remember that safety comes first.
  • Security is no coincidence– Accidents can be avoided with proper planning.
    • electrical safety slogans

      • Knowledge is power when it comes to electrical safety- Think twice before electrocuting yourself.
      • Surprise yourself with safety, not electricity– Follow safety protocols in power management.
      • stay incredibly safe– Be aware when it comes to electricity.
      • Electricity is a safety issue, not a convenience one– Don't sacrifice security for convenience.
      • Don't Hit Anyone: Practice Electrical Safety– Take the time to treat electricity with respect.
      • Keep calm and practice electrical safety- Don't panic, stay healthy!
      • Electricity can be dangerous - think safety– Be prepared before handling electricity.
      • Mind Ropes, No Jopes: Safe from Tension– Think twice before attempting to work with electricity.
      • Long service life while maintaining electrical safety– Practice safe electricity handling habits.
      • Electricity is safer when proper safety protocols are followed– Train yourself and others in electrical safety.
        • Slip-and-Fall-Slogans

          • Slips and falls are no joke - be careful– Take the time to be aware of your surroundings.
          • Proceed with caution: too much sliding is not good– Beware of slippery conditions.
          • Knowing When to Walk or Crawl: Stay Safe– Be careful on unstable surfaces.
          • Walk on dry land: watch your steps- Stay safe by walking carefully.
          • Stay safe on your feet - stop slips and falls– Take measures to avoid slips and falls.
          • A slippery situation is no place for excuses - be careful not to land on the ground– Watch out for slippery conditions when walking or standing.
          • Please wear suitable safety shoes - no low heels– Wear the right footwear for optimal safety.
          • Waxing, removing slippery stains: know the risks– Be careful and watch out for slippery surfaces.
          • Be a winner in slippery situations: know your surroundings– Take precautions when walking on slippery surfaces.


          • Slippery, slow and steady wins the race: safety over speed– Do not walk too fast on slippery surfaces.
            • These are just some of the catchy safety slogans you can use to promote safety in and around the workplace. Remember to use them when needed, especially for anyone new to the workplace or who needs a reminder. Always keep safety in mind and let others know what you are doing to stay safe. Because safety is always of the utmost importance, the right safety slogans can help remind people of safety rules and policies in the workplace.

              Effective slogans can be used on workplace safety signs and posters, as well as in promotional materials and advertising campaigns. Good safety slogans can help remind everyone of the importance of taking precautions and can help keep workers safe and healthy.

              With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the top 251 security mottos. These slogans will help motivate employees to always look after their own safety and that of their colleagues. Its tone ranges from serious to playful and can be used as a powerful tool to encourage people to follow safety procedures.

              Here are some of the best safety slogans that can help keep everyone safe in the workplace:

              • "Safety first: always wear your PPE!"

              • "Safety: Proceed with caution and take precautions."

              • "Taking shortcuts is not safe: follow the right steps for best results".

              • “Security is not expensive; priceless!"

              • “Safety is a process: always be vigilant”.

              • “Be a safety leader: be a role model and lead others to safety”.

              • “Working together creates safer environments”.

              • "Security is a successful goal: Strive to guarantee it".

              • "When in doubt, always be safe."

              • "Security: Protect yourself, your colleagues and those around you".

              • "Think safety first, not last."

              • “Safety starts with me – keep yourself safe”.

              • "Security is not an option, it is a must!"

              These are just a few of the many memorable safety slogans you can use to remind everyone in the workplace of the importance of taking proper safety precautions. Ensuring everyone is aware of potential workplace hazards should be a top priority for any business.

              By using these slogans and regularly reminding everyone of the vital importance of safety, you can help keep your work environment as safe and risk-free as possible.

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