Best Laptop Backpack 2020: Laptop Bags for All Your Tech Heaven32 (2023)

They areLaptop, junta,digital camera, and any other electronic devices you carry around regularly are as good as they get. And if you put them all in the same bag with no organization or padding, you could fall into a world of regret as the damage to your devices slowly (or quickly) accumulates. A backpack that is too casual can dent the body of your laptop, loosen elements of your camera lens, or completely break your gear.
A good laptop backpack doesn't guarantee you won't encounter these problems, but it can make them much less likely. The best backpacks are made with quality materials, so you don't have to worry about your gear falling to the ground, and they should have decent padding to protect everything inside. You can find some with nifty organization tools that can be incredibly useful for your camera gear, while others are simple but ensure your laptop stays safe. Since you'll be carrying these packs, it also helps that they're designed with your comfort in mind.

We've rounded up some great options that can serve many different purposes, so you can easily find a great laptop backpack that's right for you.

TL;DR - These are the best laptop backpacks:

1. Incase Lite Icon Pack

bester laptop backpack

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Incase Icon Lite Pack




For an affordable small backpack, Incase's Icon Lite Pack is my pick for the best laptop backpack. It has a quality build and is designed to carry a 15” laptop in a leatherette case along with a few extra items like a laptop or battery. There is also a dedicated phone pocket at the top of the pack. The exterior is pretty basic, but that's part of the Icon Lite Pack's appeal. This $75 backpack comes in six different color options, including black, red, and navy.

2. Mancro Laptop Backpack

The best cheap laptop backpack

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Mancro laptop backpack




The Mancro laptop backpack has received over 5,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star rating. It seems to be one of the more expensive backpacks I've recommended, but you can get it for less than $36 depending on the color you choose. It has room for a 17" laptop, a tablet and has a USB port for power from a rechargeable battery inside the backpack. There are a total of three main pockets and nine inside pockets.

3. Mochila Wandrd Duo Tages

The best laptop backpack for cameras.

If you take a lot of photographic equipment, check out the Duo de Wandrd backpack. This backpack has a capacity of 20 liters, but all this space has been designed to store your photographic equipment efficiently and comfortably. At the bottom of the pack is a large compartment that fits your camera even with a long telephoto lens, while the interior is filled with additional compartments and sleeves for extra lenses, accessories, film or anything else you might need on a road trip. one day. All your equipment is also easily accessible thanks to the sides with step-grandmothers.

The Duo Daypack also includes a laptop sleeve and an external water bottle pocket that can easily hold another lens for easy access. This pack has an extra trick up its sleeve: when you don't need all your photo gear, the compartments fold flat, giving you a more standard pack style.

4. Aer-Flugpack 2

Traveling with a laptop

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air flight pack 2




For quick trips or for those who need a little more room in their pack, consider the $160 Aer Flight Pack 2. From the outside it looks like any other backpack, but there's also dedicated space for a few clothes and all your merchandise. space for a 15.6" laptop, a tablet and a bottle of water.

They also have plenty of pockets for all those cables, chargers, snacks, and other trinkets you might need to take with you. Best of all, you can carry this bag four different ways: as a traditional backpack, crossbody, by hand, or by slipping it over your rolling luggage.

5. Incase-Camera-Pro-Package

The Best Multi-Camera Laptop Backpack

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Incase Camera Pro Pack




photographers who need space for lenses,DSLRomirrorless cameras, a tablet and a laptop, I would like to introduce you to the Incase Camera Pro Pack. It costs $219, but this pack has an adjustable velcro pocket for your camera gear, a slot for a tripod, and enough space for a 15-inch laptop, tablet, phone, and a dedicated spot for your sunglasses on the front. . Users can also rearrange the Incase Camera Pro Pack inserts to also carry a DJI Mavic Pro if they wish.drones.

6. Mochila OnePlus Explorer

best 15 inch laptop bag

Need a bag for your 15-inch laptop? Well, it doesn't get much more stylish than the OnePlus Explorer backpack. This backpack has a minimalist design, but does not neglect practical functions. In addition to a laptop sleeve that fits 15" laptops, you get a secret pocket that allows you to store valuables like your phone, wallet, or passport while still having easy access to them. A large front pocket as well provides a handy place to store wet items .

OnePlus sells two versions of the Explorer Backpack. Both have a polyester lining, but one uses a Cordura nylon fabric for the exterior. Both have the same three compartments, eight pockets, carry handle and strap to attach the backpack to luggage.

7. Timbuk2 Authority Pack

best 17 inch laptop backpack

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Timbuk2 Authority Pack




has a greatgaming laptop? The Timbuk2 Authority Pack is a sleek and stealthy way to carry your 17" monster machine, and it won't break the bank. The $129 backpack comes in 10 different colors and features a laptop compartment and zipper closure, for You don't have to fiddle with the rest of the bag when you need to.There's a dedicated water bottle pocket on one side, a drawstring, chest straps, and bottom compression straps to adjust the bag.

8. Peak Design Alltagsrucksack V2

Cutting-edge design meets high capacity

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Mochila Peak Diseño Alltags V2




The elegant backpack for all days by Peak Design is updated with the V2. It hides some of the less attractive seams that appeared on the original model. You even get a roomy bag for 15" laptops and more. It has a top flap that opens easily with one hand, but also side zips that allow access to the bag's contents. This is especially useful when using the dividers FlexFold, which can keep items like cameras, headphones and other items securely tucked away and organized. And if you like the style but want more than 20 liters of capacity, you can upgrade to the 30 liter model for just $30 the but.

Backpack 9. MTW Moment

The cutest laptop backpack

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MTW Moment Backpack




While backpacks are useful, that doesn't mean you can't buy one that also has style in mind. The Moment MTW backpack has a sleek, smooth aesthetic with earthy undertones. The looks belie the reality that this pack is ready for your tech. Up to a 16-inch laptop can fit here, and there's room for camera gear, too. In fact, he's ready to admit Moment'sUsing the MTW camerato share your camera equipment.

The Moment MTW backpack has a 21-litre capacity, with room for a 1-litre Wattle bottle on the side. Your laptop is easily accessible in a dedicated pocket and is kept secure by weather-resistant zippers and interior padding.

10. Monty's Mission Workshop

best shoulder bag

Best Laptop Backpack 2020: Laptop Bags for All Your Tech Heaven32 (10)

The Monty Missionary Workshop




Cycling is all the rage and if you need a bag that will carry your laptop and stay in place on the back, Mission Workshop The Monty ticks all the boxes. It looks small at first glance, but this compact shoulder bag can easily carry a 15" gaming laptop. Trust us, we've got you covered.

The Mini Metro offers a little more organization than a typical crossbody bag. There's a padded laptop compartment, two large fold-over flap pockets, an even larger zippered back pocket that's big enough for a large laptop, and of course, the cavernous main compartment.

What to look for in a laptop backpack

While any backpack can accommodate a laptop, you'll probably want one with a padded compartment so it can better protect your $1,000 (or several thousand dollar) machine.

Of course, buying a laptop bag is an easy way around this, but bags that come with a special laptop pocket usually offer added protection by rising slightly above the bottom of the bag. This padded bag also usually has a separate zippered access, so you don't have to go to the main compartment and deal with all the other stuff you're carrying.

Best Laptop Backpack 2020: Laptop Bags for All Your Tech Heaven32 (11)

With that in mind, the first thing to consider when shopping for a laptop backpack is whether it can actually hold your laptop. In most cases, you should choose a case that will fit your 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch, or 17-inch laptop without making it larger or smaller than necessary. Unless you have a lot of extra electronics or are looking for a travel backpack to carry your clothes, you don't need to carry that extra bulk or weight.

After all, good organization is what breaks or defines the best laptop backpacks. When it comes to bags, think quality over quantity. Sure, a bag with 20+ pockets might look nice, but if they're big enough to fit a USB stick, they won't do much good.

Think about all the other tech items you might want to take with you as you take a closer look at the interior design and size of each bag to see if everything fits together.

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