Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (2023)

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (1)

Custom milled wood paneling

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (2)

Ballistics UL 3 (pistols) or UL 8 (rifles)

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (3)

Custom dimensions - blocking on all sides

Custom bulletproof doors from $11,000 to $30,000

protection levels

design options

security features

locking system

shot resistance

With discreetly cast-in ballistic steel inside, its bulletproof door and frame can be upgraded to stop dozens of shots from powerful firearms up to UL 752 standards.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (4)

Level 3 ballistics upgrade
High power pistols like .44 Magnums

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (5)

Level 8 ballistics upgrade
Military assault rifles like 7.62 ammo

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (6)

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (7)

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Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (8)

Forced input resistance

If criminals or even a mafia try to break down your door, US DoS standards offer maximum confidence that you and your family will remain safe.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (9)

FE-5 | U.S. Department of State assessment
Equivalent to 30 minutes of an expert attack

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (10)

FE-15 | U.S. Department of State assessment
Equivalent to more than 4 hours of an expert attack

More security information

Risks to consider

Burglars can try dozens of all sorts of entry points into your home if they really want to break in. However, the most common entry point is the front door. It's the first thing they see, and often it's not enough to keep thieves and others who might want to harm you and your family away. Although they look for other entrances to the home, 34% will try to enter through the front door, asCriminalsThey often see this as the easiest way to get in.

Also, the night at home is not really the best time to attack. According to the University of North Carolina at CharlotteDepartment of Criminal Justice and Criminology, the most common break-in time for burglars is between 12:00 and midnight. M. and 4 p.m

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Our bulletproof doors use elegant European components and luxurious woods. Get a bulletproof wooden door aesthetic with all the high-security features covered in custom joinery.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (11)


Custom bulletproof doors can be factory painted in one of several hundred RAL color options, allowing you to match or contrast the exterior of your home.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (12)

intersections and side lights

Bulletproof glass panels can be integrated into your bulletproof front doors and protect against everything from hatchet hits to AR-15 grenades. Fully custom sizing.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (13)

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bleached wood

A ballistic wood door can be veneered with engineered wood or natural woods to even replicate historically protected architectural designs.


Ballistic glass sidelights, transom

solid wood paneling

oak, cherry, walnut etc.

Layered and applied frames

decorative door handles

long shooters

Vault Force Lock

The locking system isfactory installedon your custom ballistic goal

The system includes:

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (14)

padlock everywhere

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (15)

12 active steel screws

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (16)

4-8 passive steel screws

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (17)

Fail safe locking + relocking

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (18)

Single action to engage all bolts

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (19)

Additional details on the locking system


Lock hardware options

Our bulletproof front doors have several different locking options to provide a safe lock for your home entrances. They all come pre-installed at the factory door.

Unlike other security doors, all active locks are activated by a single high security cylinder. A single action gives you complete security.

Movement 85,771

Manufactured by a cutting-edge Italian company since 1973, our standard set of Mottura locks are as beautiful as they are secure. Consists of thick polished steel bolts arranged as follows: 10 active bolts on the handle side, 4-8 passive bolts on the hinge side and one active bolt at the top and bottom of the door leaf.

This lock kit on your custom bulletproof door can be optionally retrofitted for a one-handed exit at no additional cost. This allows the door to be locked from the inside or outside simply by lifting the handle. This is a great convenience as you can leave the house and lock the door without fumbling for a key. And on the inside, simply push down on the handle to loosen the screws for easy removal.

FIAM X1R Simple / Smart

Fiam, another Italian precision manufacturer, builds sophisticated motorized and automated locks. Their security is just as robust as our standard Mottura option, with the same arrangement of 16-20 gauge steel bolts.

The active motorization of all X1R screws allows a variety of options. Customers upgrading their bulletproof front door to the X1R also have the option of upgrading to an integrated digital keypad or biometric fingerprint reader integrated into the door at our factory. These devices are specifically designed for outdoor environments, including extreme locations. For example, the eKey biometric scanner has automatic self-heating for winter temperatures, avoiding one of the common pitfalls of accurate biometric scanning of smaller systems.

However, the bulletproof door can also be integrated with 3rd party access control devices provided by customer's choice. It can also be integrated with alarm systems for remote unlocking.

Other features include automatic locking every time the door is closed and pressing a single button to open the door from the safe side.

The X1R Smart system offers additional Bluetooth functions to block right out of the box. With a special owner access card, the customer can connect their front door to a special phone app that can control access for themselves and others. You can even keep a log of login attempts and successes.

Multiblondo Simple / Emotion

The Multiblondo lock is rarely used, especially when very thin jambs are desired for all-glass doors. The lock has a slimmer profile than our strongest lock. This is achieved at the expense of fewer active screws, however, with three screws on the side of the handle and none on top and bottom. (With the passive screws on the hinge side, the door has a total of 7-11 screws left.)

Despite this, the lock itself receives the highest security level according to European standards and uses a special hook-shaped screw to achieve a high level of security.

Access Control Considerations

When using a bulletproof door in an outdoor residential area, ease of use is of paramount importance. in contrast to apanic room doorRarely used, a front door, whether it is a high-security front door or an armored side door, can be used several times a day and by several people.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (20)

First and foremost you want a high security door that is easy to lock. This increases the likelihood that the door will not accidentally be left open. Many thieves can only get through a door left open. Our mechanical lock provides a way to use the handle itself to engage the locking pins. That makes it extremely convenient.

Unlocking is also important, although the options make a limited difference in security. Our doors open with a single turn of the key as standard. (The key and cylinder itself are highly secure with 3D profiling and other measures that reduce the risk of theft and collision.) If you order multiple exterior bulletproof doors, they can all be configured to work with the same key.

The extremely secure electronic door upgrade brings a lot of convenience. So you can enter without having to think about bringing anything with you. This can be done with a code or even easier with a fingerprint reader. The latter allows you to teach your family, even a small child, to open the door if necessary. Another great advantage of all our built-in access control options is that they allow master/slave/fingerprint codes. This allows you to grant maids and other guests temporary access that can be revoked later.

Bulletproof door automation

Upgrade your custom ballistic gate to make it as convenient as it is secure

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (21)

automatic blocking

Make sure your ballistic door is fully secured every time the door is closed. All 16-20 screws fit quickly.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (22)

biometrischer Scan

The most secure fingerprint scanner available with 1 in 10,000,000 accuracy and live fingerprint recognition.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (23)

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Door closer / hidden door opener

Discreet and configurable to open or close, with additional holding features and ultra-smooth closing.

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The only bulletproof door for homes and offices

  • bulletproof milling of custom wooden doorsmatches the exterior style of the house
  • Galvanized steeloffers decades of durability.
  • complete productincludes bulletproof door, bulletproof frame, secure frame, welded hinges, locks, handles and more
  • Pre-assembled by engineers.during manufacturing for optimal installation.
  • Best-in-class componentsallow for fine adjustments and effortless operation
  • immediate banand unlock with a thumb flick, key flick, key code, or fingerprint scan.
  • bulletproof glassLights, sills and sidelights integrated into the secure front door.

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (24)

Ballistic port security features

  • Double thick, multi-layer galvanized steel core
  • Mathematically optimized corrugation and welding
  • The L-shaped port/bezel configuration counteracts leverage attacks
  • 2″ sound insulation made of rock wool installed in the interior
  • Fixed hinge-side screws render hinge attacks useless
  • Hardened steel channels in the frame accept locking screws
  • Armored wedges include 4" screws that attach the frame to the wall
  • Configurable to enter or exit with equal protection
  • Three-dimensional locking cylinder with cylinder protection

Bulletproof Doors | custom bulletproof doors for home (25)


How long does it take to manufacture a custom armored door?

design time:

We typically provide detailed drawings of your proposed bulletproof doors in just a few days to a week. How long it takes for your custom door to get into the production queue is entirely up to you. Many customers approve the door plan in one day. Some customers like to wait for the production release.

Production time:

Our bulletproof front doors are completely custom made in size, security and design. This is important to properly match the aesthetics of your home. Many of the steps require manual work (e.g. welding or grinding). Therefore, multiple parts are required from engineering to manufacturing, which takes more time than a standard mass-produced security door. Production usually takes 6-8 weeks.


To achieve the best result, we use craftsmen and component manufacturers who are world leaders in their field. Normally our custom bulletproof doors finish their production in Europe. Therefore, it takes 2 weeks for air freight or 4-7 weeks for sea freight to ship to the customer.

Acceleration options are available in some cases.

How much does a bulletproof front door cost?

Our custom bulletproof doors range in price from $11,000 to $30,000.

Our system includes everything: secure door core, custom milled wood paneling, secure frame, multi-point locking system, insulation, hinges, heat seals and much more. In addition, the door is fully assembled, optimized and tested in our factory.

The price variation is mainly based on the following factors: port security level; whether the core and door frame are bulletproof (and how robust); whether the door lock will be mechanical or motorized, for example with a biometric reader; if the door has one or two leaves, and; whether the door has special design elements such as thick mahogany or ballistic glass inserts.

How do you install a bulletproof door?

Our bulletproof doors are specifically designed for easy integration into a framed residential or commercial building. It can easily be mounted on standard wooden posts or masonry.

Installing a bulletproof door is similar to installing a standard door. The door is pre-assembled in the factory and technically optimized there. A local contractor or contractor who specializes in installing standard doors can also do this.

The main difference in installation is the weight of the door system. While a standard exterior door can weigh less than 75 pounds, our high security residential door system can weigh over 400 pounds. Here it is important to have enough personnel for the parts of the installation that involve moving the door.

The other important point is to identify the right rough opening before starting door production. A rough, flat, square opening should be identified. Since this isn't usually the case, it's best to just use the widest aperture within the approximate aperture that will allow.

However, to counteract these factors, several features are built into the bulletproof door, allowing for easy installation. On the one hand, the port is already pre-assembled and optimized in-house. So as long as it is installed with real gravity, it will work without any problems. The following features are also included:

  • adjustable locking plate
  • Built-in adjustable shim system
  • Pre-installed running cleats
  • Pre-installed aligned pins
  • Adjustable hinges, no need to disassemble the door leaf
  • removable door panel
  • Removable ground pin, with optional ground pin sleeve
  • Includes standard fairing
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