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Take a road safety course while laughing.

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Depending on the state, defensive driving courses can last between four and eight hours. That's a long time to listen to someone give a lecture on traffic signs and direction indicators. Defensive Comedy Direction tries to make these hours a little more entertaining by hiring professional comedians to teach their classes.

Our test report takes a closer look at the comedy Defensive Fahrschule. We explain how each class works by state and analyze customer reviews.

Comedy Defensive Driving is available in Texas, Florida and New Jersey. If you are looking for online vehicle safety courses in other states, the American Safety Council is our most recommended provider for driving safety. You can register for a course using the following link.

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About weird defensive driving

Founded in 1989, Comedy Defensive Driving offers state-licensed driving lessons in Texas, Florida and New Jersey.

Classes will be slightly different in each state as each state has different traffic laws. But the general trick of Comedy Defensive Driving is the same everywhere: learn through fun videos with fun animations. Comedy defensive driving tries to take as much pain as possible out of a potentially lengthy process.

As the name suggests, Comedy Defensive Driving offers targeted driver training. There is no driver education or classes for mature drivers. Classes in Florida and New Jersey are offered online only. In Texas, you have the option to enroll in face-to-face classes.

How it works

The animations in Comedy Defensive Driving are low quality and the comedians are mediocre, but the end product is fun. There's a certain charm to the cheesy jokes and low-budget illustrations. The comedians, while not top notch, are experienced performers and you will be given the information you need. Just expect a lot of dad jokes.

After watching a series of videos on topics such as traffic rules and defensive driving techniques, students are required to complete a multiple-choice test. Lessons are punctuated by quizzes and quizzes that you can repeat as many times as you need to pass. After passing the final exam, a certificate of completion can be sent home or downloaded to your computer.

The process of enrolling and completing a comic defensive driving course is straightforward and simple:

  • online registration
  • Check out the videos provided
  • take a final exam
  • Print a certificate of completion (or mail it for an additional fee)

Comedy Defensive Direction guarantees your courses will take points from your wallet or write off your fine. Otherwise there is a full refund policy.

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Comedy Defensive Driving Texas

Texas has a license point system. If you commit traffic violations, points will be added to your license. The only way to remove these points is to wait (they stay on your license for three years). In many cases, however, a Texas driver can have his speeding fine removed by attending a defensive driving school.

Texas does not have a mandatory insurance reduction policy for completing a defensive driving course, but many insurance companies will reduce your insurance premium anywayCar insurance tariffs. Check with your provider before signing up for a defensive driving course to find out.

Comedy Defensive Driving offers online and face-to-face courses in Texas. Both last six hours, but you can complete the course faster online. Comedy Defensive Driving Austin has the most personal locations and even offers Spanish classes.

The cost of online lessons is $25. The price for face-to-face classes varies by location, but starts at $29.95. Both are approved for ticket waiver by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

You can also apply for your driver's license through Comedy Defensive Driving for $19.95.

Florida Traffic School comedy

Driver's licenses are suspended in Florida if you earn 12 points in 12 months. There is no way to remove points from your Florida driver's license, but you can sometimes prevent points from being added by attending a state-certified driving school.

Florida does not have a mandatory insurance reduction policy for traffic school graduation. However, many insurance providers may still offer discounts, so check with your provider before signing up for a class.

Comedy Defensive Driving Florida Traffic School is four hours long and you can print your certificate of completion at home. It is approved by the State of Florida and counts toward point reduction. Including state and processing fees, Comedy's online traffic school class is $24.95.

Comedy Defensive Driving New Jersey

New Jersey has a points reduction program that allows drivers to deduct two points from their driver's license. This benefit applies if you are completing a state-approved defensive driving class.

The state of New Jersey is also requiring insurers to lower premiums for customers who take a defensive driving course. The discount can be up to 10% and lasts for 3 years.

The New Jersey Comedy Defensive Driving Course lasts six hours and costs $28.95. It is officially registered by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

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Comedy defensive driving reviews

Defensive Comedy Direction is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and currently has an A+ rating. There are only two complaints registered with the BBB and both have been answered.

There are no customer reviews on the BBB site, so we checked out the reviews on Yelp, which were mixed. Most customers said the service was quick and easy to use, but some complained about long certificate processing times. However, there were only six ratings, which is a poor sample size.

You can also find reviews at This is a site that companies hire to ask for customer reviews, so it may be geared towards positive reviews. The customer reviews on this site were mostly positive (4.7 out of 5 stars). Customers were satisfied with the program's ease of use.

In general, people like the convenience and speed with which they can follow funny defensive driving videos. They say that the test is very easy and few had any problems with the service.

Comedy Defensive Driving Judgment

A defensive driving comedy class is an easy way to void a speeding ticket or lower your insurance premiums. Although the animations and comedians are of average quality, most people think they make the class fun. It's not as fun as professional standing training, but it's probably more fun than traditional traffic school.

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All courses have the necessary state approvals and can meet your legal requirements. The lessons are short and easy to follow and the class has a very high pass rate. You can take the test as many times as necessary to pass. It's a good option if you have trouble paying attention for four to eight hours.

Comedy Defensive Driving is slightly more expensive than other online defensive driving courses in Florida and New Jersey. You can probably save $5-$10 if you shop around. But for many, the fun factor can be worth the price.

All defensive comedy driving lessons are taught via video, with no text options. It doesn't matter if you prefer video lessons. However, if you're trying to complete a course as quickly as possible, you might prefer a text-based option.

Our recommendation for driving safety

Comedy defensive driving is by no means a bad option, but availability is limited to three states. The company does not offer driver education or courses for mature drivers.

The American Safety Council is our #1 choice for driver safety, offering more services in more states and lower rates. It focuses on helping customers reduce insurance premiums, reduce license points, or maintain their license. Comedy defensive driving might be worth it for more engaging content, but if it's not available to you or you want to skip the gimmicks, the American Safety Council is a solid, user-friendly alternative.

If you're looking for the fastest, most affordable way to complete a driver safety course, enroll with the American Safety Council.

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