★ Drivers Ed 7 course exam questions and answers (2023)

Compared to other vehicles, motorcycles are harder to see and _____.
A.) accelerate and brake much more slowly
B.) accelerate and brake much faster
C.) are safer
D.) do not have to do so many evasive maneuvers

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accelerate and brake much faster

If you are driving and know that a motorcyclist is near you, you should _____.
If you are driving and know there is a motorcyclist near you, you should do this
If you are driving a car and you know a motorcyclist is near you, you should ______.
A.) Do not change direction
B.) Check Your Blind Spots Frequently
C.) Remind them to use a town
D.) make curves wider than normal

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Check your blind spots frequently

Cars are only as safe as the driver, so _____ is your best bet to reduce your risk.
A.) be smart
B.) drive aggressively
C.) Driving an ATV
D defensive Fahren

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drive defensively

_______ is considered traction reducing weather.
A.) Calor
B.) Stronger wind
C.) A cold front

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It is the firmness with which a car follows the path chosen by the driver.
A.) Planning
B.) Traction
C.) Hidroplaneo

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The adhesion between the tires and the road is called adhesion.
The adhesion or adhesion between the tires and the road surface is called the _____
The gravity
B.) Inertia
C.) Traction
D.) Kinetic energy.

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A tire without good traction has less _____.
A.) Ground connection
B.) Do not tighten a shaft
C.) Arnelén
D.) Risk of explosion

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road grip

When you slow down in a corner, part of the traction is used for deceleration and part for deceleration.
A.) manufactured.
B.) Reinforcement of rear tires.
C.) used to rotate.
D.) lost forever.

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used to rotate

On rural roads, you should pay special attention to ______ at night.
A.) Golf carts
B.) School buses
c.) animal
D.) open air

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EXPLANATION: School buses are no more likely to appear on rural roads than others, and are less likely to appear at night.

The risks associated with various _____ are generally more predictable than the risks arising from other aspects of the road transport system.
a.) Vehicles
B.) Streets
c.) persons
D) animal

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EXPLANATION: Vehicles come in many different shapes, sizes, and capacities. As a result, risks are also becoming more diverse and unpredictable. In addition, the vehicles are not part of the road transport system.

Which of these roads is most likely to have a rock or hidden object knock your car off balance or crush it?
A.) Cobbled streets
B.) Suburban roads
C.) Unpaved or gravel roads
D.) Freeway or secondary roads

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Unpaved or gravel roads

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If you see potholes, loose gravel, or bumps in the road, you should ______.
a.) avoid them
B.) switch to neutral
C.) slow down
D.) speed up

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slow it down

_____ are built and maintained by local, state, and federal governments.
A.) All public roads
B.) All roads
C.) All private roads
D.) Some private roads

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all public roads
EXPLANATION: Local, state, and federal governments maintain roads, but only public roads. While private roads are maintained by the owner.

It is usually _____ more slippery due to rain.
a.) at the beginning
B.) in the middle
C.) sin final
d.) after

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at first
EXPLANATION: Roads are more slippery in the early stages of storms due to oil and traffic debris. At the end of a storm, oil and dirt will most likely be washed out of the way. Also, rain isn't the only factor that can contribute to slippery roads, and it's not even the most dangerous. The ice is even slippery.

Which of these statements applies to slippery road surfaces?
A.) Bridges and viaducts freeze at the end
B.) Sidewalks do not become slippery for the first few minutes after it starts to rain on a hot day.
C.) On cold, wet days, the shade of buildings or trees can hide patches of ice.

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On cold, wet days, the shade of buildings or trees can hide patches of ice.

Which of these is NOT a reason that a gravel or gravel road might be dangerous?
A.) Your tires are more likely to go flat
B.) Gravel or dust can fall back on the windshield
C.) means you are outside the GPS network, which is dangerous
D.) Your vehicle is more likely to lose traction

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means you are outside the GPS network, which is dangerous

It's a good idea to keep _____ in the glove box.
A.) a pair of sunglasses
B.) a pair of socks
C.) corresponds
D.) Reißnägel

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EXPLANATION: Being prepared with some tacks isn't a bad idea, but it probably won't help you on your journey. What matters to your driving ability is your vision, so make sure you stay sharp and protected!

You can safely place a jack on the ground to keep the vehicle stable.
a real one
b) incorrect

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This size of battery is found in a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV).
A.) There were 5
B.) It was 9 o'clock
C) was 12 years old
D.) 15 Volt

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12 volt

The expression "positive to positive, negative to ground" is correct when starting a car.
a real one
b) incorrect

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Jump throwing a car _____.
A.) should only be performed by professional rescue services
B.) can be done by anyone
C.) It is illegal to do this on the side of the road.
D.) requires a crane

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can be done by anyone

Jumpstart is something you can fix
A.) You have a flat tire
B.) Your car won't start
C.) You're out of gas
D.) Your car is on fire

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your car won't start

The best shoes for driving are ________.
a.) Sandals
B.) Flip flops
C.) resistant shoes
D.) High jump

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sturdy footwear
EXPLANATION: Sandals can trap the accelerator or brake pedal, so it is important to avoid wearing these types of shoes to minimize potential hazards that can lead to unsafe driving.

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A good strategy with passengers is _______.
A.) Make sure they have good talking points
B.) Take selfies with you while driving
C.) Set the ground rules you need to focus on
D.) forbid them to speak

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Set ground rules you need to focus on
EXPLANATION: While good topics of conversation are socially enjoyable, focusing on your passengers will not allow you to keep your full attention on the road, which will also put them, you, and other road users at risk.

Which of the following items should NOT be included in an emergency kit?
A.) A blanket
B.) A portable phone charger
C.) A can of gasoline
D.) Emergency numbers

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a can of gasoline

Which of the following items should NOT be included in an emergency kit?
A.) liters of water
B.) Non-perishable food
C.) Lanterns
D.) Fresh fruit

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Fresh fruit

Which of the following items is NOT useful in an emergency kit?
A.) A blanket
B.) A portable phone charger
C.) An air purifier
D.) Emergency numbers

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an air purifier

If there is high tide and you see standing water, what should you do?
A.) Drive using the aquaplaning technique.
B.) Pass it to displace the water.
C.) Call 911.
D.) Avoid going through it.

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Avoid walking through.

What could represent a potential risk to internal security?
A.) Slippery rocks and loose gravel
B.) Flash floods
C.) Travel without a compass, map or GPS
D.) A liquid spilled on the floor that was not cleaned up

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spilled a liquid on the floor that was not cleaned up


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