Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (2023)

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king cyrusis a senior lecturerDepartment of Information Technology, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Li Hua...It is focused on teaching public cloud technologies. he is one of themMicrosoft Learn for Educators - AmbasadorexistMicrosoft Azure MVP iz Hong Konga.

Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (1)

Learn how AI technology can simplify and improve the assessment process for teachers using Azure OpenAI ChatGPT. Cyrus Wong, Senior Lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, shares insights on using artificial intelligence to automate assessment of assignments and improve the quality of teaching. By using AI tools like Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT, educators can save time grading assignments and focus on creating engaging learning experiences for students.

In this context, Cyrus Wong demonstrates how to use ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI service, for automated grading of assignments, specifically grading papers submitted in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats. The process involves converting the content to text using libraries such as docx2txt and PyPDF2, and then viewing the response using Azure OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5. AI models provide grading, comments, and insights into potential web-copying or generative use of AI, helping educators effectively grade assignments.

With the powerful combination of AI technology and assessment automation, educators can significantly reduce their workload, gain valuable insights into student responses, and provide meaningful feedback to enhance the learning experience. Explore the capabilities of Azure OpenAI ChatGPT to revolutionize the way assignments are graded in education.

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Being a teacher, especially in Asia, often requires a lot of homework from students to meet parents' expectations and maintain the school's reputation. While I won't go into the implications of this cultural norm, I must admit that being a teacher in this environment can be challenging due to the enormous workload involved in grading countless assignments and providing feedback. This situation essentially multiplies the workload a hundredfold, similar to self-distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Teachers are often so busy grading assignments that they have little time to improve the quality of their teaching. Rather than focusing primarily on assessment, it is critical to take the time to design engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students.

Educators should consider using AI technologies such as Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT to assist or automate assessment tasks. The AI ​​demonstrated consistent and reliable reasoning and processing and produced impressive results in automated job evaluation. Additionally, it can analyze student responses, providing valuable insights to improve their learning experience.

This is a use case where the Azure OpenAI service can be used to automatically assign reviews.

Evaluation of paper presentations in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format from Moodle LMS

This method involves grading student papers submitted in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats, with students providing an essay on their practice. However, due to a misconfiguration of my colleague's LMS, some students sent files in other formats such as ZIP, 7Z, RAR, etc. To fix this, we need to implement code to correct these inconsistencies and manually correct some entries. In order to simplify the process, it is necessary to limit the file types accepted in the Learning Management System (LMS).

We will not go into the details of these steps as they can be avoided by properly configuring assignments in the LMS.

Assume that each student's work is stored in a separate folder with their name and that folder contains at least one Word or PDF file.

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Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (2)

Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (3)

For the Microsoft Word commands we usedocx2txt libraryConvert the content to text and store it in a Pandas DataFrame column labeled "Answers".

def filter_df_by_contains_docx(df): return df[(df["ContainsDocxFile"] == True)]words_df = filter_df_by_contains_docx(df)paths = words_df["Path"].valuesdef get_all_docx_files(path): 导入 glob return glob.glob(path ) + "/*.docx")Importeer docx2txtvan Functools uvoz reducestudents_words_files = popis (map (map (get_all_docx_files, staze)) # lijst 遇到 了 了 了 lIdsten van word datoteke (. y: x + y, karta(lambda f: docx2txt.process(f), word_files), "\n\n"))

For PDF files we use importPyPDF2 libraryConvert the content to text and store it in a Pandas DataFrame column labeled "Answers".

def filter_df_by_contains_pdf(df): return df[(df["ContainsPdfFile"] == True)]pdfs_df = filter_df_by_contains_pdf(df)paths = pdfs_df["Path"].valuesdef get_add_pdf_files(path): 导入 glob 返回 glob.glob(路径+ "/*.pdf") import PyPDF2from functools import reducef convert_pdf_all_pages_to_txt(path): pdfFileObj = open(path, 'rb') reader = PyPDF2.PdfReader(pdfFileObj) num_pages = len(reader.pages) count = 0 text = " " while count < num_pages: pageObj = reader.pages[count] count += 1 text += pageObj.extract_text() text += "\n\n" return textstudents_pdf_files = list(map(get_add_pdf_files, paths)) # 列表lijsten遇到了 woordbestandenfile_contents =[];voor pdf_bestanden in studenten_pdf_bestanden: file_contents.append(reduce(lambda x, y: x + y, map(convert_pdf_all_pages_to_txt, pdf_files), "\n\n"))pdfs_df.loc[:, " Bronnen "] = students_pdf_filespdfs_df.loc[:, "Odgovori"] = file_contents

We can then use Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT 3.5 to evaluate the response.

import osimport jsonimport openaiopenai.api_type = "azure"openai.api_base = os.getenv("AZURE_OPENAI_ENDPOINT") openai.api_version = "2023-03-15-preview"openai.api_key = os.getenv("AZURE_OPENAI_KEY")def get_json_chatGpt(学生, 提示): response = openai.ChatCompletion.create( engine="gpt-35-turbo", # engine = "deployment_name". messages=[ {"role": "system", "content": "Je bent een onderwijsassistent."}, {"role": "user", "content": prompt}, ], temperature=0.9, max_tokens=1600, top_p=0​​.0, frequency_penalty=0, present_penalty=0, stop=Ništa ) # print ( antwoord) # 打印(antwoord['choices'][0]['message']['content']) write_text_to_file(f"tmp/{student}.json", json.dumps(antwoord)) tokeni = antwoord[ 'usage']['total_tokens'] 返回 json.loads(response['choices'][0]['message']['content']) , tokensdef grade_answer(student,student_answer, marking_schema): prompt= marking_scheme.replace ( “", student_answer) retry = 0; 而 True: try: content, tokens = get_json_chatGpt(student,prompt) break osim iznimke if e: if retry < 2: retry += 1 print(e) print("ponit: " + str (ponovi)) continue return 0, "Error", 0, 0, True, 0, True marks = content['marks'] comments = content['comments'] copyFromInternet = content['copyFromInternet'] generativeAI = content[ ' generativeAI'] manualReview = content['manualReview'] povratne ocjene, komentari, copyFromInternet, generativeAI, manualReview, tokeni, False def grade_answers(df_answers, rating_scheme): za indeks, red u df_answers.iterows(): student = row[" 学生"] print(student) answer = row["Answers"] ocjene, komentari, copyFromInternet, generativeAI, manualReview, tokens, error = grade_answer(student, answer, mark_schema) df_answers.loc[index, "Marks"] = ocjene df_answers. loc[index, "Komentari"] = komentari df_answers.loc[index, "CopyFromInternet"] = copyFromInternet df_answers.loc[index, "GenerativeAI"] = generativeAI df_answers.loc[index, "ChatGptTokens"] = tokeni df_answers.loc [ indeks, "manualReview"] = manualReview df_answers.loc [indeks, "pogreška"] = 错误 返回 返回 df_answersmarking_scheme = read_text_file ("marking_scheme.txt") df_marced = ocjena (df_answerma, maringswers, maring. , 指数=假)

Rapid design for markup schemes

Act as a teacher and provide grades and comments for written assignments. Task background: Note that you do not have to answer all of these questions. Job Responsibilities and Roles What are my job responsibilities? How do I feel about my place in the workplace? What (or who) influences the way I complete the task? Why do I feel good working at your workplace? Work experience What work experience have I gained? Any work experience that you can remember that is extremely memorable? Learning on the job What technical skills (hardware/software) did I learn? What soft skills did I learn? Have I gained skills relevant to your Advanced Diploma in Cloud and Data Center Management? Comments and suggestions for the workplace Do you have comments about your workplace? Any suggestions you can make to your supervisor/workplace mentor about your workplace's positive impact on WLA (work-based learning and assessment) (eg increasing efficiency, reducing human error, etc.) at school or work can help me. WLAE assessment How to feel about work performance? If I rate myself (out of 100), what is my score? What success have I achieved so far? How does my internship supervisor/mentor view my work? How do my colleagues perceive my work? Career Path/Future Goals What is the career path for my current position? What further goals do you hope to achieve in my current job? Attachments (optional) Certificates or proof of recognition that I received from the workplace? Is there evidence to support my claim? Comment on students' answers below in 150 words. Text separated by 20 equals signs is the student's answer. =============================================== Instructions: Rate the student responses above on a scale of 0-70. Rules: 1. Responsibilities at work and roles 10 points 2. Work experience 10 points 3. Learning at the workplace 10 points 4. Remarks and suggestions on the workplace 10 points 5. Evaluation of work (self/mentor/colleagues) 10 points 6. Career Path/Future Goals 7 out of 10 Format (minimum 800 words but less than 2000 words) 10 points 8. If the answer does not make sense, give 0 points and set manualReview to true. "copyFromInternet" is 0 - 1.0, which is the probability of copying from the Internet. "generativeAI" is 0 - 1.0, which is the probability that the answer was generated by AI. "Comment" includes. 1. Rank calculations are explained in comments 2. Mark for each line is shown line by line in "Comment" 3. Incentive style.4 in "Reviews". "Review" is less than 200 characters. 5. Escape all special characters in "Comment" according to the following 6 rules: Replace \b with \\b Replace \n with \\n Replace \r with \\r Replace \t with \\t Replace \" with \\" Replace \ \\ No interpretation is involved, just return an RFC8259 compliant JSON response that follows this format, not the format below. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++ +++ ++++++++++++++++++++ ++++ ++++++++++{ "markers": 30, "copyFromInternet": 0.1, "generativeAI": 0.5, "manualReview": false , "comments": "This is nice!" }++++ ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++ ++ + + + Don't return anything after the JSON object. JSON response:

Rapid design based on Microsoft learningQuick technical tips, including the following steps:

  1. to make "system informationInstructions: "Act like a teacher and give grades and comments for written assignments."
  2. Supply "Provide grounding contextBy introducing "job background".
  3. expand"Add clear syntaxBy specifying delimiters and inserting student answers.
  4. run"start with clear instructionsBy giving scoring criteria.
  5. implement one"Trigger a chain of thoughtReduce the possibility of incorrect grading by explaining the grade calculation and showing each line's labels line by line in the Comments section.
  6. use "specify the output format" to produce valid JSON output. However, since it occasionally produces invalid JSON strings in the Comments section, we will adjust the "start with clear instructionsUse the commands "Escape all special characters in 'comment'" and "Return nothing after the JSON object."

We highly recommend that you take a look at Microsoft Learning's Tips Engineering Techniques as they can be effective in solving a variety of problems. Other interesting observations include ChatGPT's ability to detect content copied from the Internet and responses generated by artificial intelligence. However, we are currently using these findings as a reference. Sometimes ChatGPT can return invalid JSON because it ignores the "don't return anything after the JSON object" directive. To solve this, we implemented a retry mechanism andtemperatureto 0.9, so the return value will change slightly on retries.

Example output:

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84 boda

"Excellent! Your response is well structured and clearly demonstrates your experience as a Business Analyst Trainee at Codefreesoft. Your reflection on your experience and the skills you have acquired is commendable. Your understanding of the work environment is insightful, your suggestions for improvement are practical and show a willingness to improvement. Your assessment of your own skills and performance on the job is fair and shows self-awareness. Overall, your answers are complete and satisfy the questions. All requirements. Keep it up!”

48 points

"This is a well-written reflective journal that captures an individual's learning experience as an IT system administrator. The responses highlight the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and continuous learning in the field of data analytics. The individual reflects on their work experience and demonstrated an understanding of the tools and software used in the industry .Responses were clear and within the required word count. However, there was improvement in providing more specific examples to support their points and expand on their recommendations for improving workplace effectiveness. Overall, individuals demonstrated a positive attitude toward their careers and future goals. It was clear that they are committed to continuous learning and development in the field of data analytics.”

Ato incorporateis a special data display format that can easily be used in machine learning models and algorithms. Embedding is an information-dense representation of the semantics of a part of the text. Each embedding is a vector of floating-point numbers, so the distance between two embeddings in the vector space is related to the semantic similarity between the two inputs in the source format. For example, if two texts are similar, then their vector representations must also be similar.

We followTutorial: Explore Azure OpenAI service embedding and find documentationMicrosoft Learn, get embeds for every student answer.

K-means uses clustering of student responses

从 sklearn.cluster 导入 KMeansmatrix = np.array(df_embeddings["ada_v2"].to_list())n_clusters = 7kmeans = KMeans(n_clusters=n_clusters, init="k-means++", random_state=42, n_init='auto') kmeans.fit(矩阵)labels = kmeans.labels_df_embeddings["Cluster"] = labels df_embeddings.head()

Clustering techniques group students with relatively similar answers into a cluster, which helps us identify problematic cases in smaller groups.

Visualize data to improve understanding of student performance

T-distributed embeddings of random neighbors.

t-SNE [1] is a tool for high-dimensional data visualization. It converts the similarity between data points into joint probabilities and attempts to minimize the Kullback-Leibler divergence between low-dimensional embeddings and joint probabilities for high-dimensional data. The cost function of t-SNE is not convex, that is, different initializations can give different results.

import seaborn kao snsfrom sklearn.manifold import TSNEimport matplotlib.pyplot kao pltplt.rcParams['figure.figsize'] = (15, tsne = TSNE(n_components=2, perplexity=5, random_state=42, init='random', learning_rate =200)vis_dims2 = tsne.fit_transform(array)x = [x za x,y u vis_dims2]y = [y za x,y u vis_dims2]paleta = sns.color_palette("inferno", 20).as_hex( ) za kategorije, boje u nabrajanju (paleta): xs = np.array(x)[df_embeddings["Cluster"]==category] ys = np.array(y)[df_embeddings["Cluster" ]==category] plt.scatter (xs, ys, color=boja, alpha=0.1) avg_x = xs.mean() av​​g_y = ys.mean() plt.scatter(avg_x, avg_y, marker= 'x', color=color, s= 100) plt .title("Ugradnje vizualizirane pomoću t-SNE")

Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (4)

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Principal component analysis for embedding and visualization of clustering results

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) - Linear dimensionality reduction using singular value decomposition of data to project it into a lower dimensional space.

从 sklearn.decomposition import PCApca_df = df_embeddings.copy()matrix = pca_df["ada_v2"].to_list()pca = PCA(n_components=3)vis_dims = pca.fit_transform(matrix)pca_df["embed_vis"] = vis_dims.tolist ()pca_df

Calculates a ratio that captures the total variance of each principal component.


Analysis of variation in the interpreted variance ratio

import numpy if npnums = np.arange(14) var_ratio = [] for num in numbers: pca = PCA(n_components=num) pca.fit(matrix) var_ratio.append(np.sum(pca.explained_variance_ratio_)) import matplotlib. pyplot is plt.figure(figsize=(4,2),dpi=150)plt.grid()plt.plot(nums,var_ratio,marker='o')plt.xlabel('n_components')plt.ylabel(' explained variance ratio') plt.title('n_components versus explained variance ratio')

Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (5)

3D diagram of the 3 main components

[ "Cluster"].to_list()# Plot elke steekproefcategorie afzonderlijk, zodat we label name.for i, clusterId kunnen instellen in opsommen(clusters): sub_matrix = np.array(pca_df[pca_df["Cluster"] = = clusterId] [ "embed_vis"].to_list()) x=sub_matrix[:, 0] y=sub_matrix[:, 1] z=sub_matrix[:, 2] kleuren = [cmap(i/len(clu​​sters) ))] * len( sub_matrix ) ax.scatter(x, y, zs=z, zdir='z', c=colors, label=clusterId) studenten = pca_df[pca_df["Cluster"] == clusterId].index .values.tolist() 对于i, txt u opsommen(studenten): ax.text(x[i], y[i], z[i], txt, size=8, zorder=1, color='k' )ax.set_xlabel(' x ')ax.set_ylabel('y')ax.set_zlabel('z')

Empowering Educators: Grading Automated Assignments with ChatGPT, an Azure OpenAI Service (6)

source code:AzureOpenAIChatGTPAutoGrader

We are amazed by the power of Azure OpenAI Service Chatgpt!

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He helped me re-grade long essay assignments written by 70 students in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF in just 10 minutes for less than $0.50. It's worth spending a few hours in python and saving thousands of hours in the future! It can even beat me because I burn out, and people tend to make mistakes when they do something repeatedly for a long time. Next time, put artificial intelligence first and ensure human-based quality.

By using embedding, we can gain valuable insights into student responses, helping us better understand their thought processes, knowledge levels, and areas where additional support or guidance may be needed.

Project staff includesShine Seto,Liang Qichao,Du Jialiang,XU YUANexistHeng Ming (Leo) KwokIT114115Advanced Diploma in Cloud and Data Center Management.


Is ChatGPT available now? ›

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for free -- for now.

How does Azure OpenAI service work? ›

Azure OpenAI Service gives customers advanced language AI with OpenAI GPT-4, GPT-3, Codex, and DALL-E models with the security and enterprise promise of Azure. Azure OpenAI co-develops the APIs with OpenAI, ensuring compatibility and a smooth transition from one to the other.

Is ChatGPT trained on Azure? ›

ChatGPT is now available in Azure OpenAI Service.

What is the difference between OpenAI and Azure OpenAI? ›

Azure OpenAI also supports VNETs and private endpoints and allows for new use cases to be added through a limited access process. On the other hand, OpenAI is a research organisation focused on advancing artificial intelligence in a safe and beneficial manner.

Is ChatGPT available for free? ›

Yes, the basic version of ChatGPT is completely free to use.

What is the Microsoft equivalent of ChatGPT? ›

Bing Chat is Microsoft's answer to ChatGPT — in fact, it's based on the same technology that makes OpenAI's chatbot run.

Is ChatGPT owned by Microsoft? ›

Elon Musk has disowned OpenAI, the nonprofit he helped launch that is responsible for AI sensation ChatGPT. Microsoft is now effectively controlling the company.

What is the best OpenAI model to use? ›

Davinci is the most capable model and can perform any task the other models can perform, often with less instruction. For applications requiring deep understanding of the content, like summarization for a specific audience and creative content generation, Davinci produces the best results.

What is the best model for OpenAI? ›

We recommend using gpt-3.5-turbo over the other GPT-3.5 models because of its lower cost. OpenAI models are non-deterministic, meaning that identical inputs can yield different outputs. Setting temperature to 0 will make the outputs mostly deterministic, but a small amount of variability may remain.

What is the difference between Microsoft AI and ChatGPT? ›

The biggest difference between Bing AI ChatGPT and OpenAI ChatGPT is that the version of Bing leverages the Prometheus technology to connect the chatbot with the Microsoft search engine to provide more accurate answers and offer responses to current events.

How much does ChatGPT enterprise cost? ›

The Azure OpenAI Service flavor of ChatGPT is priced at $0.002 per 1,000 tokens, or about 750 words, with billing for ChatGPT usage to begin March 13. (ChatGPT consumes raw text represented as a series of tokens; the word “fantastic” would be split into the tokens “fan,” “tas” and “tic,” for example.)

Who has access to ChatGPT? ›

ChatGPT plugins are currently only available in the form of a "limited alpha" release for developers and insiders. There's a waitlist page(opens in a new tab) for those who want access but don't yet have it.

What are the drawbacks of OpenAI? ›

OpenAI has various privacy and security-related concerns because it is trained on large data sets that contain a lot of confidential and sensitive information. Also, APIs based on OpenAI can transmit sensitive data and as a result, the application remains vulnerable to a data breach.

Is OpenAI run by Elon Musk? ›

Musk was an OpenAI cofounder and invested $50 million into the company. He left the startup in 2018. He criticized OpenAI's business model and its relationship with Microsoft, one of its current investors.

Does Elon Musk own part of OpenAI? ›

Mr Musk also clarified that he has "no ownership or control" on OpenAI now. Mr Musk was one of the original founders of the company that launched ChatGPT, but left in 2018 after disagreements with the management. In recent months, he has been criticising the company and its product, including the chatbot.

Which AI is better than ChatGPT? ›

16 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Free and Paid)
  • Microsoft Bing.
  • Perplexity AI.
  • Google Bard AI.
  • Jasper Chat.
  • Chatsonic.
  • Pi, your personal AI.
  • GitHub Copilot X.
  • Amazon Codewhisperer.
3 days ago

Does Office 365 have ChatGPT? ›

The technology behind the world's most talked about artificial intelligence (AI) system, ChatGPT, is being added to its most ubiquitous work software, Microsoft 365.

What is a good replacement for ChatGPT? ›

What is the best alternative to ChatGPT? ChatSonic is considered the best AI-powered chatbot as it provides personalized responses and assistance to users. Like ChatGPT, it uses advanced natural language processing technology to understand user input and generate relevant and helpful responses.

What is the difference between Google and ChatGPT? ›

While both ChatGPT and Google have their own unique capabilities, they are used for different purposes. ChatGPT is a sophisticated AI chatbot that is capable of understanding and responding to natural language, while Google is a powerful search engine that is used for finding specific information on the Internet.

Will ChatGPT replace programmers? ›

The short answer is no, ChatGPT will not replace programmers entirely. However, it has the potential to automate some aspects of programming, such as code generation, bug fixing, and documentation. ChatGPT can learn from vast amounts of code and data, making it possible to generate new code similar to existing code.

What are people using OpenAI for? ›

They are capable of generating human-like text and have a wide range of applications, including language translation, language modelling, and generating text for applications such as chatbots. GPT-3 is one of the largest and most powerful language processing AI models to date, with 175 billion parameters.

What do people use OpenAI for? ›

OpenAI was originally focused on developing AI and machine learning tools for video games and other recreational purposes. Less than a year after its official founding on December 11, 2015, it released its first AI offering, an open source toolkit for developing reinforcement learning (RI) algorithms called OpenAI Gym.

Are OpenAI models free? ›

It is not technically free, as there are fees associated with using the model. However, OpenAI has made the GPT-3 AI model available to developers and researchers for free through its API Service, which allows developers and researchers to access the model without having to purchase a license or pay a subscription fee.

Which is the most powerful OpenAI? ›

GPT-3's responses are of such high quality, that they often get mistaken for human writing. And its technology is the backbone of many AI tools on the market, including OpenAI's extremely popular chatbot, Chat GPT. Currently, GPT-3 is one of OpenAI's most powerful and largest AI models they offer.

What programming languages does OpenAI use? ›

It's most capable in Python and proficient in over a dozen languages including C#, JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, TypeScript, SQL, and even Shell.

What is the most advanced AI language model? ›

Top 6 NLP Language Models Transforming AI In 2023
  • BERT by Google.
  • GPT-3 by OpenAI.
  • LaMDA by Google.
  • PaLM by Google.
  • LLaMA by Meta AI.
  • GPT-4 by OpenAI.
Apr 11, 2023

Is ChatGPT the most advanced AI? ›

OpenAI, a leading research organization in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), has recently released Chat GPT-4, the latest iteration of their language model. This release has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation, as it is the most advanced and powerful AI yet.

Is ChatGPT and Bing AI the same? ›

Both ChatGPT and Bing Chat use OpenAI's language models, which means that, for the most part, they generate very similar results. The biggest difference between them is that Bing Chat is also powered by Microsoft's Prometheus, a model that integrates Bing Search with the AI tool.

Who owns ChatGPT? ›

Who Created ChatGPT? Chat GPT is owned and developed by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research and deployment company based in San Francisco that was launched in December 2015.

How much does ChatGPT cost per day? ›

Unbelievable Upkeep. ChatGPT's immense popularity and power make it eye-wateringly expensive to maintain, The Information reports, with OpenAI paying up to $700,000 a day to keep its beefy infrastructure running, based on figures from the research firm SemiAnalysis.

How much does ChatGPT cost compared to Google search? ›

Google Requests Are About Seven Times Cheaper Than ChatGPT, Which Costs 2 Cents. The ChatGPT neural network is being built into the Bing search engine, allowing it to understand context and answer complex questions.

How much does the ChatGPT cost per query? ›

The new report comes from Dylan Patel, chief analyst at the research firm SemiAnalysis, who says it costs approximately $700,000 per day, or 36 cents per query, to keep the chatbot up and running.

What are the advantages of ChatGPT? ›

In light of that, here are some of ChatGPT's advantages.
  • Conversations that mimic human interaction.
  • Modeled after the advanced GPT.
  • ChatGPT is versatile.
  • Extensions and plugins are available.
  • Continually improving.
Apr 24, 2023

How to make money with ChatGPT? ›

How to Make Money with ChatGPT (10 Easy Ways)
  1. Find Unclaimed Money.
  2. Build an App, Website, or Service.
  3. Get Business Ideas From ChatGPT.
  4. Create an AI Chatbot.
  5. Email Affiliate Marketing.
  6. Turn into a Prompt Expert.
  7. Create Videos with ChatGPT.
  8. Write e-Books and Self-Publish.
6 days ago

Which country is using ChatGPT the most? ›

ChatGPT, the text based AI tool, has seen the most amount of Google Search in China, followed by Nepal and Norway.

What is the relationship between OpenAI and Microsoft? ›

Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI could mean billions of dollars a year in new revenue as workloads pile up in Azure. Microsoft is integrating the technology into its Bing search engine, sales and marketing software, GitHub coding tools, Microsoft 365 productivity bundle and Azure cloud.

What are the three limitations of AI today? ›

AI's three biggest limitations are (1) AI can only be as smart or effective as the quality of data you provide it, (2) algorithmic bias and (3) its “black box” nature.

Is OpenAI owned by Google? ›

OpenAI is owned by a group of investors, including Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, Reid Hoffman, Reid Hoffman, and a few others.

Why did Elon Musk step down from OpenAI? ›

Musk resigned from OpenAI's board in 2018 citing a conflict of interest with his work at Tesla referring to the developments in artificial intelligence being carried out in Tesla's autonomous driving project.

Who owns OpenAI now? ›

"If bigger and better funded was always better, then IBM would still be number one." The nonprofit, OpenAI Inc., is the sole controlling shareholder of OpenAI LP. OpenAI LP, despite being a for-profit company, retains a formal fiduciary responsibility to OpenAI Inc.'s nonprofit charter.

Who owns chat OpenAI? ›

Chat GPT is owned and developed by AI research and deployment company, OpenAI. The organization is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded by some prominent players – including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, Jessica Livingston, and Linkedin cofounder Reid Hoffman.

How to invest in ChatGPT? ›

Investors cannot currently buy shares in ChatGPT creator, OpenAI, because it is not a listed company. So other firms offering AI services like C3 AI and Berkshire Grey have reaped the rewards of increased investor interest in the sector, with their share prices soaring 57pc and 103pc respectively year-to-date.

What does ChatGPT stand for? ›

What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. No wonder we're not chatting; that's a mouthful. What that means is that a company named OpenAI created an artificial intelligence computer program that can answer questions.

Why is ChatGPT not working? ›

There are various reasons why ChatGPT may not be working for you. A common cause stems from a bunch of users trying to use the chatbot at the same time. Usually, this leads to a server overload issue (capacity problem), where many people get locked out of the site.

Why is ChatGPT unavailable? ›

Usually, the signup unavailable error occurs when ChatGPT is undergoing maintenance or facing technical issues. Encountering this error while trying to access ChatGPT can be frustrating. But you don't have to worry!

Is GPT-4 available to the public? ›

It was released on March 14, 2023, and has been made publicly available in a limited form via the chatbot product ChatGPT Plus (a premium version of ChatGPT), and with access to the GPT-4 based version of OpenAI's API being provided via a waitlist.

Why is ChatGPT not working on Chrome? ›

Restart Your Computer

If you have tried clearing your browser data and disabling extensions but still can't get ChatGPT to work, you should try restarting your computer. Restarting your computer can help fix browser issues by closing all running programs and clearing any temporary data that may be causing problems.

Is ChatGPT not accepting new users? ›

This typically happens when ChatGPT is experiencing a really high volume of traffic or there is a problem with OpenAI's servers. When you get this error message, it means that ChatGPT is temporarily not accepting any new users and you will not be able to use the AI language model.

Why is ChatGPT always at capacity? ›

Why is Chat GPT always at capacity? ChatGPT is a popular language model used by millions of people worldwide. As a result, ChatGPT may face high demand and reach its capacity if many users interact with it simultaneously. This can overwhelm the system, leading to slower response times or reduced accuracy.

How to bypass ChatGPT capacity? ›

To try bypassing the “at capacity” error in ChatGPT, download a VPN app like ExpressVPN, and select a VPN server in a country where ChatGPT works. You'll now be using a new IP address. Try to access ChatGPT again (it might be a good idea to use a new incognito tab) and see if the error has gone away.

What is the best way to use ChatGPT? ›

10 ChatGPT Tips for The Best Results
  1. Be specific on word count and put higher than you need. ...
  2. Don't be afraid to ask it to add more. ...
  3. Understand its limitations. ...
  4. It's better at creating outlines rather than full pieces of content. ...
  5. Make sure your request is clear and concise. ...
  6. You can ask it to reformulate its response.

Will ChatGPT be updated to 2023? ›

Multiple enterprises utilize ChatGPT, although others may limit the use of the AI-powered tool. Most recently, Microsoft announced at it's 2023 Build conference that it is integrating it ChatGPT-based Bing experience into Windows 11.

How much does chatgpt4 cost? ›

There are two pricing options available for GPT-4, starting at $0.03 for 1K prompt tokens. However, if you are accessing GPT-4 in ChatGPT Plus, then you need to subscribe to its monthly plan, which costs $20/month.

Can I use ChatGPT 4 for free? ›

Ora – Create chatbots & assign tasks

Ora is a website that lets you use GPT-4 for free. Users will need to sign up for an account to use, and one can also use their existing Google account to sign in to Ora.ai. After signing up, it only takes a few steps to access GPT-4.


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