How much do the most popular electric vehicles cost the average driver? (2023)

As the auto industry accelerates its shift to producing eco-friendly electric models designed to offer little or no direct carbon footprint, drivers are steadily following the trend as their confidence in these new cars grows. Both are a notable consequence of the growing demand for electric vehicles.US United States.Yaround the worldIt is the acquisition and ownership costs that progressively decrease.

The Biden administration announced an incentive for potential electric vehicle buyers in 2022 as part ofanti-inflation law. The law changed thatclean vehicle credit- originally applicable to purchases of new electric, fuel cell electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles purchased before December 31, 2022 - including cars put into service from January 1, 2023, subject to certain provisions that are updated periodically by the IRS and the Treasury Department.

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Buyers of electric vehicles and alternative fuels can do thisbenefit from a tax creditup to $7,500, which the IRS says is $2,917 for a vehicle with a battery capacity of at least 5 kilowatt hours, plus an additional $417 for each kWh of capacity greater than 5 kWh. Additionally, beginning in 2024, buyers will have the opportunity to claim the tax credit directly at the time of purchase as a discount off the vehicle's final purchase price.

The government plays a key role in the dynamics of the electric car market. The number ofcharging stationsit must be sufficiently and easily accessible for electric vehicles to match and eventually surpass the comfort of a gasoline-powered car.

Another financial benefit of owning an electric vehicle is thatrequire less maintenance. Although plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles have internal combustion engines that are subject to similar maintenance requirements as gasoline-powered automobiles, the batteries, motors, and associated electronic components in these vehicles require little or no maintenance. They run on less fluids (eg engine oil) and have fewer moving parts to adjust, repair or replace.

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electric vehicles arriveregenerative braking, a system designed for longer brake life than conventional vehicles. Through this mechanism, the vehicle recovers the energy lost during braking using the electric motor as a generator and storing the energy absorbed in the battery. In other words, energy is generated and stored every time the brakes are applied.

When it comes to electric vehicles, knowing the basic nomenclature can help drivers understand the technology behind them. "Miles per gallon equivalent", abbreviated as MPGe, is aEnvironmental Protection Agency calculationwhich represents the number of miles the vehicle can travel on an amount of fuel (or energy source) equivalent in energy content to a gallon of gasoline. Rounded off, 1 gallon of gasoline equals about 33.7 kilowatt hours of battery power. Hearea EPAmeasures the performance of an electric vehicle by running a series of tests on a dynamometer that simulate real-world driving conditions.

co-pilotestimated the cost of the most popular electric vehicles starting in 2021 based on data from its CoPilot Price Pulse tool,car and driver, it's himDepartment of Labor Statistics. Data is included for the EPA and MPGe range for each vehicle. The cost per gallon equivalent is calculated using the January 2023 national average electricity price.

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#10. electric hyundai kona

- Comparative model: 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric
- Market price: $23,998
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 120 combined/132 urban/108 highway
- Cost per equivalent gallon: $0.047 combined/$0.043 city/$0.052 road
- EPA Range: 258 miles

"Versatile" is one of the words commonly used to describe thiselectric hyundai kona. The South Korean automaker prides itself on producing a vehicle with cutting-edge technology and great safety features. The SUV can be charged from 10% to 80% in one hour with a 50 kW DC Level 3 fast charger and from 10% to 100% in nine hours with a 240 V Level 2 charger. most homes.

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#9. Tesla-Model S

- Comparative model: 2021 Tesla Model S
- Market price: $96,315
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 117 Combined/121 City/112 Highway
- Cost per gallon equivalent: $0.048 combined/$0.047 city/$0.051 highway
- EPA Range: 402 miles

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The electric U-shaped compact steering wheeltesla sgives you an unrestricted view of your digital dashboard and the road ahead. The 17-inch high-resolution touchscreen serves as the complete control center for the model's 10 teraflops of computing power, unlocking endless entertainment possibilities. In-car games are available in every seat with wireless controllers and headphone compatibility. The back has seating for three people and an armrest with storage and wireless charging points. Its EPA rating is the highest in the ranking.

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#8. porsche taycan

- Model comparison: 2021 Porsche Taycan Sedan
– Market price: $124,436
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 79 Combined/76 City/84 Hwy
- Cost per equivalent gallon: $0.072 combined/$0.074 city/$0.067 highway
- EPA range: 200 miles

The most expensive vehicle on the list is a spacious four-seat luxury car that puts its competitors to shame with its quality interior, excellent handling and impressive technology. The 2022 model comes standard with Android Auto software and remote parking assistant, while the2023 repeatIt has improved range and an updated infotainment system.

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#7. Audi e-tron e e-tron Sportback

- Comparative model: Audi e-tron 2021
- Market price: $59,638
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 78 Combined/78 City/77 Hwy
- Cost per equivalent gallon: $0.073 combined/$0.073 city/$0.074 highway
- EPA Range: 222 miles

The air suspension inaudi etronadjusts to optimize driving dynamics. Drivers can also change the ride height, transmission, steering and suspension to their liking. The latest Sportback model features a convenient AC-only charging port on the passenger side. All Audi EV connectors are compatible with level 1 and level 2 charging stations.

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#6.Nissan hoja

- Comparative model: Nissan Leaf 2021
- Market price: $28,436
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 111 Combined/123 City/99 Hwy
- Cost per equivalent gallon: $0.051 combined/$0.046 city/$0.057 highway
- EPA Range: 149 miles

“The chill zone” is how Nissan describes the state of mind achieved when you get behind the wheel of its all-electric vehicle.sheet model. ProPILOT assist is a set of technological tools that help with driving and making quick decisions to avoid traffic, construction sites and other unwanted obstacles that can compromise the driver's journey. The advanced driver assistance system monitors roads and highways to alert the driver of potential dangers or events during the journey.

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#5. Volkswagen ID.4

- Comparative model: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4
– Market price: $41,477
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 91 Combined/104 City/89 Hwy
- Cost per gallon equivalent: $0.062 combined/$0.054 city/$0.064 highway
- EPA range: 260 miles

Although classified as an SUV, theVolkswagen ID.4It was designed to feel and drive like a sports car. The ID.4 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. The automaker is offering three years of unlimited half-hour charging at Electrify America DC fast charging locations as a purchase incentive. On an 11 kW⁠ Tier 2 home charger, the battery can be recharged in just over six hours for the ID.4 Standard and ID.4 S versions, or about 7.5 hours for the ID.4 Pro versions. .

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#4. Chevrolet Bolt EV is EUV

- Comparative model: Chevrolet Bolt EV 2021
- Market price: $28,220
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 118 Combined/127 City/108 Highway
- Cost per gallon equivalent: $0.048 combined/$0.045 city/$0.052 highway
- EPA Range: 259 miles

HeChevrolet Bolt EV is EUVThey feature hands-free driver assistance technology capable of navigating 200,000 miles of supported (ie pre-mapped) roads in the US and Canada. One of the model's strongest safety features is an improved Automatic Emergency Braking System that uses radar to help prevent or reduce the severity of rear-end collisions.

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How much do the most popular electric vehicles cost the average driver? (8)
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#3. Ford Mustang Mach-E

- Comparative model: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E
- Market price: $51,631
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 100 Combined/105 City/93 Hwy
- Cost per gallon equivalent: $0.057 combined/$0.054 city/$0.061 road
- EPA Range: 230 miles

As Ford says, "this is no one trick pony". Every year, the latest technology is built into the new model, which is continually updated through over-the-air software updates. the 2023Mustang Mach-Eis available in just two colors: Cyber ​​Orange and Grabber Blue Metallic. Like the Chevy Bolt, the Mach-E has thousands of miles of "Hands-Free Blue Zone" installed for hands-free driving, and Ford's Co-Pilot 360 includes a wide range of standard safety features, including Blind Spot Assist and lane assistance.

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#two. Tesla-Model 3

- Comparative model: 2021 Tesla Model 3
– Market price: $43,783
- EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 142 combined/150 urban/133 road
- Cost per gallon equivalent: $0.040 combined/$0.038 city/$0.043 highway
- EPA Range: 263 miles

teslamodel 3It has a four-wheel drive system with two independent motors to drive the front and rear wheels, which optimizes durability and reduces the frequency of maintenance. The driver's smartphone acts as a key to unlock and start the vehicle and access all driver controls on the integrated 15-inch touchscreen. The electric sedan has an all-glass roof that extends from front to back. A notable safety feature: high-performance brakes for better control in all weather conditions.

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#1. Tesla-Model Y

- Model Comparison: 2021 Tesla Model Y
– Market price: $54,356
– EPA Fuel Economy (MPGe): 129 combined/140 city/119 highway
- Cost per gallon equivalent: $0.044 combined/$0.040 city/$0.048 highway
- EPA Range: 244 miles

The Model Y is an SUV with room for up to seven passengers. The model features Tesla's 360-degree view, provided by rear, side and front cameras that detect nearby cars, prevent collisions and assist with parking. The Y features the same two independent engine systems as the Model 3 for front and rear-wheel drive and has received several top awards for doing so.extraordinary performancein crash tests and tests to avoid head-on collisions.

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