Information on Benefits (2023)

What insurance plans does the Trust offer?

Medical, dental, ophthalmological, living and complementary services

What are the current plan companies?

Anthem, Kaiser, Delta, United Health Care, Medical Eye Services (MES), AFLAC, CLEA

Which insurance companies am I registered with?

You can call the benefits office or inquire about all of your insurance plansplan source.

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Who is covered under my insurance plans?

Sign in to see all dependents covered by your planplan source.

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Please note that only the names displayed are covered by each plan.

When can I add or remove my dependents?

If you don't have a qualifying event (marriage, birth, etc.), you can add or remove dependents in Open Enrollment. The annual open enrollment occurs in the month of October, and changes made at that time will take effect in the next plan year (January 1 of the following year).

For eligible mid-year changes, see the Benefits Guide.

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When does registration open?

The open registration period is from October 1st to October 31st. Any changes made during this period will take effect on January 1 of the following year.

How long can my children stay on my plan? Can I remove them when they turn 18?

Your child(ren) are eligible under your plan(s) until they turn 26 years of age. Early deregistration (even at the age of 18) is not legally possible unless you cancel during an open enrollment period or your child has provided other proof of insurance within the 30-day rule.

How long can my child(ren) stay on my plan(s) if they are disabled?

A dependent is entitled to continue coverage under the 26+ member's plans provided we have:

Documentation that the dependent has been assessed as disabled by a licensed physician.

Kaiser - You must renew this documentation every 2 years. You can do this by contacting the Department of Disabled Dependents at 858-614-3584 or by email[email protected]

Anthem: You should update your documentation every two years unless your doctor diagnoses the condition as lifelong. Call the Member Services number on the back of your card to update your card.

I still don't have the right paperwork, but I just had a baby/married. Wait?

No, contact the service center as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we accept preliminary documents.Please note that you have 45 days to provide us with the correct documentation as these are considered temporary. If they are not received on time, your loved ones will lose their claim and be excluded from all insurance.You can add them again during the open enrollment as long as all requested documents are received.

My newborn is in the NICU, does that make a difference?

Yes, contact the Benefit Trust office as soon as possible.

What is considered appropriate documentation?

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Married- Marriage certificate is an official document while marriage certificate is a provisional document.

divorce- We must have a divorce decree certified and signed by the judge. Make sure it includes the date of dissolution and has a judge's signature. We cannot remove a spouse until the divorce is complete.

Birthday- The birth certificate is an official document while the birth certificate is considered a provisional document. Proof of birth will be filed with the hospital records at the time of discharge. The birth certificate will NOT be sent to you. When you are ready, you should go to the district clerk's office for the district where your child was born. Fees apply at time of pickup.

legal protection- Court order

Tod- Death certificate

Evidence of loss of coverage- The document must list all names of dependents who lose coverage, the plans they lose (e.g., medical, dental, and/or eye care), and the date that coverage ends. We do not need a reason for the termination of service.

Evidence of Other Coverage- The document must list the names of dependents receiving alternate coverage, the plans they receive (e.g., medical, dental, and/or eye care) and the start date of the alternate coverage.

I just made a change to my plans and Plansource is reflecting my new bi-weekly deduction. I realized there's more coming out of my paycheck than that, why?

Plansource doesn't know how to account for our membership's payroll schedule. Therefore, depending on the payment period in which the change is made, you may be held liable for late payment. This is because members prepay their medical premiums. Therefore, at the time of a change, the effective start date may be for a month that has already been deducted from you, but at a lower amount. You will be given a payroll deduction worksheet to discuss in detail what amounts will be billed. We also work with our members to break down the total cost into smaller payments. Contact the Benefits Center for more information. 951-653-8014

Divorce agreement says I have to cover for my ex spouse, why is he taking it off?

We understand that you must follow the divorce agreement based on your language; However, all ex-spouses are not considered eligible for RSA Benefit Trust plans. You need to find an outside insurance policy for your ex-spouse.

Can grandchildren be added to my plans?

No, grandchildren are not eligible. All childbirth services are covered for mothers who are on your plan. Services for babies are NOT covered.

I'll be on military leave soon. Do I have to do something with my benefits?

Yes, notify the RSA and county prior to your license. You must fill out the LES paperwork with the county. It is imperative that you fill this out to ensure you and your family remain covered during your holiday. Please let us know your resumption date.

I will advertise soon, what should I do?

Once promoted, you are no longer eligible for RSA medical plans, but you have the option to keep your supplemental plans (Supplemental Life, Dental, Eye, etc.).

You will receive a promotional pack in the mail explaining your options for maintaining your Manager membership and/or continuing your add-on plans. If you wish to cancel plans, you may do so by completing the Management Options Form and returning it to RSA. If you wish to cancel your membership you can do so by emailing the Benefit Trust team. If you do not respond, RSA will assume that you intend to continue with your plans and will continue to apply the deductions.

Please note that your health insurance automatically ends on the first of the month following your promotion month.

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What is AWOP? When will I be AWOP? What will I have to do?

Absence without compensation. A member becomes an AWOP when they have used up all of their time accounts and leave with no paid status. In terms of benefits, neither FLEX funds nor county health deductions arrive in whole or in total. This means that the full amount of the insurance premium becomes your responsibility. You will receive AWOP documents in the mail discussing this information and your options during this time. Your options include paying your premiums out of pocket, or deferring (cancellation) and proving another coverage. These forms must be signed, dated and returned to our office.If we do not receive the documents, the insurance due to non-payment expires by the time you return. It is important that you contact us regarding your return to work date in order to properly reinstate your coverage.Contact the Benefit Trust office for more information.

I'm an affiliate member, do I have access to RSA's insurance plans?

Affiliate members do not have medical, dental or vision insurance with the RSA Benefit Trust. Provided by Riverside County. Contact the County Department of Human Resources at 951-955-3385 ​​for more information about your health insurance. Affiliated members can enroll in additional plans with the RSA Benefit Trust such as AFLAC, AXA and MLOA.

I am retiring, when will I be there to claim my benefits?

Once you have established a retirement date with the county, contact the Benefit Trust office regarding the transition to your retirement benefits.

What is RAP? Am I entitled to the full RAP allowance?

The Retiree Assistance Program was created to help offset the cost of your health insurance premium. It is based on years of service with the RSA from the date of union membership to the date of retirement. Therefore, each value can be different for a person. Please note that the RAP grant is subject to change.

Will my direct awards change when I retire?

Yes, they will switch to full premium. Call or see the retiree open enrollment flyer on this site for a complete price list.Keep in mind that these awards are awarded before your RAP grant and county pension contribution are taken into account.Prices are subject to change every year.

I am a retiree moving out of state, do I need to do anything?

If you are retired and moving to another state, contact the Benefit Trust as soon as possible. In addition to updating your address, we also need to discuss important benefit options, including the out-of-state RAP reimbursement benefit that you may be eligible for. Keep in mind that most plans are based in California, which only allows you to use out-of-state emergency services.

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I am retired and staying in the state, what does this mean for my RAP?

If you remain in the state and choose to continue with an RSA pension plan, you will receive the RAP grant and county pension contribution. If you are state-retired and have other coverage, you will not receive the RAP grant or county contribution. However, if you are in good standing during the deferral, you may return to the RSA retirement plans.

Do I need to log in to update information or make changes to my benefits?

We are always there for you personally, but we also know that sometimes the journey is not ideal. You can therefore contact us by phone or make changes by post, email or fax.

IMPORTANT: If you or your spouse turns 65, please contact the Benefit Trust office at least three months in advance, whether either of you is working or not.

I'm turning 65, what do I do?

Medicare enrollment is time-sensitive and can result in penalties if the application is not processed on time. You must apply for Medicare through the Social Security Administration at least three months before your 65th birthday. Contact the Benefits Office to discuss the parts you need to claim and to review the required documentation.Ideally at least three months before your 65th birthday.

What parts of Medicare am I enrolling in?

Because Medicare is highly individual, please contact the Benefit Trust office to discuss the parts you need to apply for. You can also contact our broker Brown Insurance Services and ask about Chad.Ideally, contact us at least three months before your 65th birthday.

I'm 65 and still working, do I need to apply for Medicare?

You must enroll in Medicare Part A at least three months before your 65th birthday. When you retire, enroll in Part B.DO NOT enroll in Medicare Part D as it is already included in your RSA supplement plan (Kaiser or Blue Cross).Please contact the RSA Benefit Trust office to verify the required documentation.

I am 65 years old and still working and my spouse is eligible for Medicare. What should I do?

You and your spouse must enroll in Medicare Part A at least three months before your 65th birthday. When you retire, both enroll in Part B.DO NOT enroll in Medicare Part D as it is already included in your RSA supplement plan (Kaiser or Blue Cross).Please contact the RSA Benefit Trust office to verify the required documentation.

I am NOT 65 years old and still working but my spouse is eligible for Medicare, what should I do?

Your spouse must enroll in Medicare Part A at least three months before they turn 65. When the member retires, the spouse is placed in Part B.DO NOT enroll in Medicare Part D as it is already included in your RSA supplement plan (Kaiser or Blue Cross).Please contact the RSA Benefit Trust office to verify the required documentation.

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