New 2023 Chevrolet Suburban for sale at Impex Chevrolet Buick GMC | Chassis number: 1GNSKEKD5PR307502 (2023)

    The outer heart
    white beak
    cor interior
    Jet Black/Victory Red, perforated leather seats
    fuel consumption
    15/19 MPG City/Highway
    5.3 liter V8 engine
    File number
    • New 2023 Chevrolet Suburban for sale at Impex Chevrolet Buick GMC | Chassis number: 1GNSKEKD5PR307502 (1)


    • New 2023 Chevrolet Suburban for sale at Impex Chevrolet Buick GMC | Chassis number: 1GNSKEKD5PR307502 (2)


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    • New 2023 Chevrolet Suburban for sale at Impex Chevrolet Buick GMC | Chassis number: 1GNSKEKD5PR307502 (3)

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    • New 2023 Chevrolet Suburban for sale at Impex Chevrolet Buick GMC | Chassis number: 1GNSKEKD5PR307502 (4)

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    Accessories, add-ons, and retailer updates included

    • LOCAL MARKET ADJUSTMENT: Fee added by merchant due to local prices3.000 $

    detailed specifications

    • Basic
    • Corrosion
    • Powertrain
    • maintenance
    • roadside assistance
    • Guarantee
    seats and equipment
    • Maximum seating capacity:8
    • Fuel system:direct injection
    • Fuel tank capacity:28 gallons
    • DP:355
    specifications and dimensions
    • towing capacity:7600 pounds
    • Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium 10.2-inch diagonal system with integrated Google:
      • 10.2" Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium diagonal system with Google Integrated, including multi-touch, AM/FM/SiriusXM1radio compatible
      • Bluetooth®2Audio streaming for music and select phones
      • Apple CarPlay™ wireless functionality for compatible phones3
      • wireless android carFunction for compatible phones4
      • Customize and manage vehicle settings and entertainment features via the 10.2-inch touchscreen
      • Use, control and manage selected smartphone apps through the infotainment system
      • Voice activated technology for phone.
    • 10.2-inch diagonal multi-color reconfigurable infotainment display
    • Bluetooth®:
      • Pair your compatible mobile phone with your vehicle's infotainment system1
    • bose®Audio system with 9 speakers:
      • bose®is known for its expert sound engineering and superior audio quality, and with speakers located throughout the cabin, you get rich, concert-like sound.
    • Rear seat multimedia system:
      • Two rear 12.6-inch color HD LCD touchscreen monitors mounted in the front seat backrests
      • Wi-Fi wireless projection function1
      • Two 2-channel wireless headphone jacks with 2 HDMI ports on the rear of the center console
      • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones2
    • SiriusXM®with 360L trial subscription for 3 months:
      • Enjoy a 3-month Platinum trial subscription and enjoy the full SiriusXM with 360L experience1
      • This vehicle is SiriusXM equipped with 360L. This advanced in-vehicle technology takes you to SiriusXM's most exclusive channels, shows and content for a journey that's uniquely yours, with customization features that make finding the perfect soundtrack easier than ever.
      • A Platinum plan is required for the full SiriusXM experience with 360L. If you subscribe to a lower package, some 360L features will not be available
      • Platinum plan allows you to listen outside your vehicle via the SXM app
    • W-LAN®Hotspot enabled:
      • Terms and restrictions apply. To seeonstar.comor dealer for details.
    • Apple CarPlay/Wireless Android Auto wireless function for compatible phones:
      • The Apple CarPlay Vehicle Interface is an Apple product and its terms and conditions and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible iPhone and applicable data plans. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Siri, iPhone and Apple Music are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries.
      • Vehicle UI is a Google product and its terms of service and privacy policy apply. To use Android Auto on your car display, you need an Android phone running Android 6 or higher, an active data plan, and the Android Auto app. Google, Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.
    • Blackwall 17" All Season Replacement Tires:
      • P265/70R17
    • 17 inch full size steel spare wheel
    • All-season 22" Blackwall tires:
      • P275/50R22
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • 22" gloss black painted wheels:
      • Paired with all-season blackwall tires
    • Acoustic laminated glass:
      • Helps to avoid traffic and road noise.
      • Dampen external noise to provide a quiet ride
    • Black support steps:
      • Structured foot pads ensure a secure footing
      • Extends from wheel arch to wheel arch
      • Includes decorative chrome band.
    • Black roof bars:
      • Improve your vehicle's appearance
    • body color door handles
    • Heated outside mirrors with automatic dimming on driver's side - Body Color:
      • Both mirrors are heated and activated when the rear window defogger is activated to clear them of ice, snow and ice to improve visibility
      • Power adjustment lets you move the two outside mirrors at the push of a button
      • With the power fold function, you can fold the mirrors
      • Auto-dimming feature automatically adjusts outside mirror when bright light comes from behind
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Body color mirror caps
    • Glass tinting depth:
      • Tinted rear side windows and tailgate
    • Front and rear splash guards:
      • Protect your vehicle's exterior from tire splatter and road debris
      • Blends with your vehicle's exterior for a sleek, integrated look
      • Fit right behind the wheels
    • front fairing
    • glass, windshield tape
    • Electric tailgate with hands-free function and badge projection:
      • Opens the tailgate when the system recognizes the key fob and the driver places his foot under the rear bumper
      • Memory height feature allows you to program how high the gate opens to your liking
      • You can also press the tailgate release button on the key fob or use the external release button.
    • IntelliBeam:
      • It can automatically turn on/off the car's high beam according to the surrounding traffic conditions.
    • Headlight LED:
      • Provide a bright, intense beam of light to illuminate the road ahead
      • Improve visibility on the road in low light conditions
    • LED taillights:
      • Improve visibility in low light conditions
    • Not equipped with wheel locks:
      • From the start of production, some vehicles will not be equipped with wheel locks. Does not include later adaptation at the dealership. Consult a dealer for details or check the window sticker for vehicle specific features
    • Rainsense Automatic Cleaners:
      • Automatically turns on when sensors detect different levels of precipitation on the windshield
      • Intermittent function adjusts the speed of the wipers to keep the windshield clean in different conditions
    • Intermittent Rear Wiper:
      • different speed
      • Keeps the rear window free to improve visibility
    • Spare wheel holder:
      • Lockable winch type, located at the rear under the chassis
    • white beak
    • Obere Active Aero-Shutter:
      • Shutters automatically close at high speeds to improve aerodynamics
      • Shutters reopen at lower speeds or when needed to cool the engine compartment.
      • Located on the front apron.
    • Windshield, solar absorption
    • Driver and passenger seats with 10-way power adjustment:
      • From the start of production, vehicles will be equipped with 2-way lumbar support for driver and front passenger instead of 4-way lumbar support for driver and front passenger. Consult your dealer for more information.
      • Includes 8-way power driver and passenger seats with 2-way power lumbar adjustment
    • 12-inch Diagonal Color Driver Information Center:
      • Includes driver customization, alerts and vehicle information.
      • Allows drivers to customize vehicle features including alerts and vehicle information.
    • 12 volt output:
      • Located in the center console of the instrument panel
    • 120 volt outlets:
      • Two sockets in the rear of the center console and cargo area
    • Tempomat adapter:
      • Can automatically maintain a driver-selected distance time from the detected vehicle you are following while driving1
      • This feature reduces the need to brake and accelerate frequently while driving.
      • From the start of production, the vehicles will not be equipped with adaptive cruise control and advanced automatic emergency braking. Instead, vehicles will have electronic cruise control and automatic emergency braking. Consult a dealer for details or the window sticker for details on a vehicle.
    • Assistance handles:
      • Passenger side A-pillar and second row outer B-pillar
    • Bright Door Thresholds:
      • front and rear doors
    • Cargo management system:
      • Arrange items in the rear cargo hold to create order
      • Allows you to secure cargo to prevent items from shifting while driving
      • Includes movable dividers that adjust the size of storage areas
    • carpet floor:
      • color coded
    • Carpeted Rugs:
      • Removable color-coded floor mats for first and second row seats
    • Chevrolet Connected Access:
      • Conditions apply. To seeonstar.comor dealer for details.
    • Driver and Passenger Sun Visor with Illuminated Mirrors:
      • Include covered mirrors
    • Electric anti-theft device:
      • Helps prevent unauthorized entry and helps protect your vehicle and its contents
      • Blocks the engine to prevent theft.
      • The horn will sound and the turn signals will flash if someone tries to open the vehicle without the correct key or remote.
    • Precision electronic circuit:
      • An advanced streaming interface based on buttons and switches
    • Seashell seats at the front
    • Front of center console:
      • Keep valuables and smaller items safe
      • Storage space, drink holder and auxiliary socket
      • removable organizer compartment
      • usb ports1
    • Driver and Passenger Heated Seats:
      • At the touch of a button, you can heat the seat cushions and backrests with multi-level climate control
      • individually controllable
    • Second Row Heated Outer Seats:
      • With the push of a button, you can heat the seat cushions and backrests.
      • Provides cold-weather comfort for passengers in the second-row outer positions
      • Passengers have their own controls to set the perfect temperature
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • heated steering wheel:
      • Can be turned on and off manually by pressing the button on the steering wheel
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Automatic anti-glare interior mirror:
      • Automatically dims the inside mirror when you see a bright light from behind
      • When headlight glare is no longer detected, the mirror returns to its normal state.
    • inner light:
      • Driver and passenger door switches with entry delay
      • cathedral light
      • Map lights on first and second row seats
      • Cargo compartment lighting, door handle or illuminated entry activated by remote keyless entry
    • Jet Black/Victory Red, perforated leather 1st and 2nd row seats
    • Keyless opening:
      • With the remote control in your possession, you can lock and unlock your vehicle's doors without having to use the remote control, which adds to your convenience.
      • Lock guard helps prevent key from locking in vehicle.
    • Storage configuration:
      • Access 2 driver presets for 8-way power driver seat, outside mirrors and power tilt/telescopic steering column
      • Press memory button 1 or 2 to program and recall settings
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Air Assist Handles:
      • Driver and front passenger accommodated in the roof
    • Third row folding bench seat 60/40 Power Split:
      • Split-fold feature allows each side to fold independently
      • Turn on the power in the overhead console or cargo area
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Electric locks:
      • Programmable
      • Allows you to easily lock and unlock the doors, either from the driver or passenger seat or from the outside with the key fob
      • Lock guard helps prevent key fob from locking in vehicle
    • Electric tilt and telescopic steering column:
      • Allows the driver to adjust the steering wheel up or down and the steering column forward or backward.
      • Use controller storage to store and recall storage settings
      • Provides additional comfort when getting in and out of the vehicle.
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Ligue o Windows com Driver Express Up/Down:
      • Quickly raise or lower the window with the push of a button
      • When an obstacle is detected, the anti-pinch function automatically reverses
    • Electric windows with express down function for front passenger:
      • Quickly open the window with the push of a button
      • When an obstacle is detected, the anti-pinch function automatically reverses
    • Electric windows with rear quick opening:
      • Quickly open the window with the push of a button
      • When an obstacle is detected, the anti-pinch function automatically reverses
    • Second row energy release shell seats:
      • Include an electric release to conveniently fold and fold the seats at the touch of a button
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Rear seat reminder:
      • Helps remind the driver to check the rear seats before exiting the vehicle1
      • Activates when the rear doors are opened and closed, up to 10 minutes in advance, or anytime while the vehicle is on
      • Under certain conditions, after switching off the vehicle, 5 beeps will sound and a visual message will be displayed in the Driver Information Center
      • It only activates once each time the vehicle is turned on and off and would need to be activated again for a second trip.
    • rear air conditioning
    • Rear window heater:
      • Helps keep rear view clear of fog or frost
      • Use a thermal grill to remove fog or ice from the rear window
    • Remote boot:
      • Remotely start your vehicle and enter a comfortably heated or cooled vehicle, depending on the weather and your preset preferences
      • Lock the doors and turn on the parking lights with the engine running
      • Depending on the climate, seat heating can also be activated, if available.
    • Seat upholstery, perforated leather upholstery
    • Steering column lock:
      • From the start of production, the vehicles will not be equipped with a steering column lock. See dealer for details or window sticker for vehicle specific features
      • Helps deter theft by allowing the steering wheel to only work with the correct key fob
    • Non-Steering Wheel Mounted Controls:
      • Allow the driver to easily operate the driver information center, cruise control and forward collision warning system1follow-separate button and heated steering wheel (if equipped)
    • Three-zone automatic air conditioning:
      • Automatically maintains selected temperature for driver, front passenger and rear passengers
    • USB data ports:
      • Contains 2 USB ports1(one Type-A and one Type-C) andlocated in the lower compartment of the instrument panel
    • Rear passenger USB ports:
      • 2 on the rear of the center console (Type-C and Charge only)1); Change load and data when requesting Rear Seat Media
      • 2 on the third row (both type C and charge only1)
    • universal remote control for home:
      • 3 programmable channels
      • Conveniently activate compatible devices such as garage door openers, security systems and home automation devices from inside the vehicle
    • Wireless charging:
      • It uses induction technology for portable electronic devices.1
      • Convenient charging position in the lower compartment just below the infotainment screen
      • From October 31, 2022 to November 20, 2022, some vehicles will not be equipped with wireless charging. Consult a dealer for details or check the window sticker for vehicle specific features
    • wrapped steering wheel
    • 10-speed automatic transmission:
      • Electronically controlled with overdrive
      • Includes traction selection system that includes towing/carrying
    • 220 amp alternator
    • Rear axle ratio 3.23
    • 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes:
      • Reduce wheel lock and maintain steering control under heavy braking on most slippery surfaces
    • 4 wheel drive
    • 5.3 liter V8 engine:
      • 355 CV a 5600 rpm
      • 383 pound-feet of torque at 4,100 rpm
      • Dynamic fuel management technology
      • aluminum block
      • direct injection
      • variable valve control
      • Associated with a 10-speed automatic transmission
    • 7,700 pounds. overall weight:
      • With the right equipment; includes the weight of the vehicle, passengers, cargo and equipment
    • Auto stop/start:
      • During emergency braking, when the driver keeps his foot on the brake pedal and under certain conditions, the engine is switched off
      • If the driver takes his foot off the brake, the engine starts automatically.
      • Includes deactivation button on each engine cycle
    • Auto start/stop override button
    • autotrac®single stage transfer case:
      • Single speed 4WD transfer case
      • The system detects wheel slip and transmits torque to the front wheels to improve traction.
      • When conditions warrant, the vehicle will automatically revert to two-wheel drive
      • Manually engage full-time four-wheel drive
    • Emissions, Federal Requirements
    • Engine Air Leak Monitoring
    • Outer Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler:
      • High performance air-oil cooler
      • Helps prevent transmission from overheating.
      • Helps provide the best transmission performance, even when operating under heavy load or when towing a trailer.
    • External engine oil cooler:
      • High performance air-oil cooler
      • Helps the engine run efficiently at peak performance
      • Helps prevent potential engine oil damage during high-performance driving or under load
    • Fuel, Gasoline, E15 (standard only with (L84) 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 or (L87) 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine).
    • High Output Battery with 730 Cold Start Amps:
      • Maintenance free with leak protection and preserved auxiliary service
    • clutch guide:
      • Uses the rear view camera screen to provide guidance to help you align your vehicle with a trailer1
      • Provides a camera view to briefly inspect the trailer while driving
    • Keyless start:
      • Uses an integrated key fob sensor instead of a traditional key
      • Keep keys in purse or pocket to start vehicle
      • With the vehicle in Park or Neutral, press the brake pedal and then press the engine start/stop button to start the engine; the green indicator on the button lights up
      • Shift into park position and press the engine start/stop button to stop the engine
    • mechanical jack with tools
    • Rear Mechanical Differential Lock:
      • When the differential senses a significant difference in wheel speed, it locks in to spin both rear wheels in unison for additional traction.
      • Distributes power to the drive wheels, giving you more control
      • Helps your vehicle steer over rough terrain by keeping the rear wheels moving
    • Premium Smooth Ride Suspension:
      • Designed to give passengers a more comfortable ride by isolating the interior from rough asphalt
    • Simple escape:
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • direction, power
    • Coilover front suspension with stabilizer bar
    • Multi-link rear suspension with coil springs
    • Trailer sway control:
      • Helps prevent trailer sway by monitoring the driver's steering angle and automatically applying trailer brakes
    • Towing equipment:
      • coupling platform
      • 2" trailer receiver
      • 7-wire harness and 7-pin connector to connect trailer lights and brakes to vehicle
    • Driver Alert Package:
      • Lane Departure Warning with Blind Spot Warning1
      • rear cross traffic alert1
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Deluxe Package:
      • Contents of the driver alert package
      • HD-Surround-Vision1
      • rear pedestrian warning1
      • Memory settings for power adjustable driver seat, power tilt outside mirrors and telescopic steering column
      • Heated, adjustable, folding and automatically dimming exterior mirrors on driver's side with integrated direction indicators
      • Electric tilt and telescopic steering column
      • heated steering wheel
      • Second row heated side seats
      • 60/40 folding second row seats
      • 60/40 folding third-row seats
      • RST models also include adaptive cruise control1and enhanced automatic emergency braking1
    • RST Preferred Equipment Group Includes Standard Equipment
    security exteriors
    • LED daytime running lights:
      • Lights up when your vehicle is moving and the headlights are off
      • Includes automatic external light control
    security interiors
    • 3 years of remote access:
      • The remote access plan1you can start or stop the vehicle, lock and unlock the doors and even check the fuel level and tire pressure (depending on the vehicle's equipment) from your smartphone2
    • 7 airbags (requires front seats):
      • Front airbags for driver and front passenger1
      • Side airbags mounted on driver and front passenger seats1
      • Driver seat side impact airbag1(requires bucket seats)
      • Head airbags for front and rear side seats1
      • Includes an external passenger sensing system for the front passenger front airbag and a status light that shows whether the airbag is on or off1
    • Drive buckle:
      • Prevents the vehicle from being pushed out of parking until the driver's seat belt is fastened
      • Encourages seat belt use
      • It runs out after 20 seconds and can be enabled/disabled in settings or Teen Driver menu
    • Chevy Safety Assistant:
      • automatic emergency braking1
      • frontal collision warning1
      • front pedestrian brake1
      • Next distance display1
      • Lane Keeping Assistant with Lane Keeping Assistant1
      • IntelliBeamGenericName
    • The following distance display:
      • Displays the distance time in seconds between your vehicle and a detected vehicle you are following1
      • This can help you decide if you're following too closely.
    • Forward collision warning:
      • It can alert you when it detects a possible rear-end collision with a vehicle you're following, so you can act quickly.1
      • There may also be a tailing warning if you are following a vehicle too closely.
    • Front pedestrian brake:
      • It can help you avoid or lessen the severity of a rear-end collision with a pedestrian detected directly in front of you.1
      • It offers pedestrian alerts and can even automatically perform emergency braking or enforce emergency braking for the driver.
      • The system works at speeds below 80 km/h during the day
      • It has limited performance at night and in poor visibility.
    • Front and rear park assist:
      • It can issue alerts on nearby objects detected in front or behind your vehicle to help you park and avoid low-speed collisions.1
    • Outside Passenger Front Airbag Outside Passenger Sensing System (Always wear seat belts and child restraint systems. Children are safest when properly restrained in the rear seat in the appropriate child restraint system. See owner's manual for more information ).
    • HD-Surround-Vision:
      • Uses multiple cameras to display a digital aerial image of the area around your vehicle along with rear camera or front views1
      • It works at low speeds and can help you park and avoid nearby objects.
      • You can select additional views on the camera screen
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Sistema LATCH:
      • CHILD lower anchorage and restraint system facilitates installation and ensures a compatible child restraint system
    • Lane Departure Warning with Blind Spot Warning:
      • Can provide visual alerts in the side mirror when a detected moving vehicle is rapidly approaching or in your side blind spot1
      • It can help you avoid collisions when changing lanes.
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Lane Keep Assist com Lane Keep Assist:
      • Warns you with a short, smooth turn of the steering wheel when you may unintentionally deviate from detected lane markings, so you can stay safely in your lane1
      • If necessary, you may receive additional lane departure warnings.
      • No system warning when using your turn signal or when the system detects that you may be intentionally drifting out of your lane
    • OnStar®and services connected Chevrolet
      • Terms and restrictions apply. To seeonstar.comor dealer for details.
    • Rear cross traffic alert:
      • Can warn you of detecting cross traffic left or right behind your vehicle when you engage reverse gear1
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Rear Pedestrian Alert:
      • It can alert you to pedestrians detected directly behind your vehicle so you can take quick action.1
      • The system works when you back up during the day.
      • It has limited performance at night and in poor visibility.
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Rear child safety:
      • When activated, it prevents occupants from opening the rear doors from inside the vehicle.
      • Allow the rear doors to be opened only from the outside of the vehicle.
    • Teen driver:
      • This configurable feature allows you to enable customizable vehicle settings linked to a key fob to encourage better driving behavior.1
      • It can restrict certain vehicle functions and automatically activate certain security systems if the vehicle is equipped with them.
      • An in-vehicle certificate tells you about driving habits and helps you further train your new driver
    • Tire pressure monitoring system:
      • Monitors the pressure of each tire and notifies you when there is a low pressure condition in one or more tires1
      • Including tire inflation warning1
    • Warning signs:
      • Turn on the headlights, unfasten the driver and front passenger seat belts and turn on the turn signals
    security mechanics
    • Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking:
      • Works with Forward Collision Warning to help you avoid a rear collision with a detected vehicle you are following1
      • Radar and camera technology is used to automatically perform emergency braking or enforce emergency braking for the driver.
      • This function works at speeds greater than 2 mph
      • From the start of production, the vehicles will not be equipped with adaptive cruise control and advanced automatic emergency braking. Instead, vehicles will have electronic cruise control and automatic emergency braking. Consult a dealer for details or the window sticker for details on a vehicle.
      • May require additional optional equipment
    • Hill Start Assist:
      • When stopped on a hill, this feature keeps the brakes applied for a fraction of a second as you switch from the brake pedal to the gas pedal.
      • It is automatically released as soon as you press the accelerator pedal.
      • Prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards while the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal
    • StabiliTrak, electronic stability control system with traction control:
      • Automatically helps improve control, especially during emergency maneuvers, by adjusting brakes and engine torque to keep you on your intended path
      • It is activated when the vehicle's sensors detect a difference between the driver's intended path and the vehicle's actual direction of travel.
      • Includes traction control that detects wheel slip and applies brake pressure and/or reduces engine power to help the driver maintain control when accelerating on wet or snowy roads
      • Includes brake assist that senses how hard and fast the driver presses the brake pedal and provides additional brake assistance when needed

    Dealer Notes

    This vehicle won't sit in the parking lot for long!

    It offers the latest in technological innovation and style. Key features include rain-sensing wipers, telescopic steering wheel, power tailgate and power front seats.

    We have the vehicle you are looking for at an affordable price. Visit our dealer or call for more information. Consumer Reviews

    New 2023 Chevrolet Suburban for sale at Impex Chevrolet Buick GMC | Chassis number: 1GNSKEKD5PR307502 (5)

    No total4.6out of 5

    • Comfortable land yacht. units smaller than it is.

      De Cmoney56|EFriday, February 12, 2021


      The 5.3L engine delivers plenty of power, and the new independent rear suspension, along with Magnetic Vehicle Dynamics Control, delivers the smoothest Suburban ride to date. The new style is bold and aggressive. I love the look and sound of the dual exhaust. The interior has been much improved over the last gen and the push/pull shifter is a nice touch and easy to get used to. The 3 and 2 row power folding seats are a nice touch and the sliding second row is a great added feature. The third row headrests are a known issue, and if you have a 2021 Suburban or Tahoe, you will likely have an issue with one or both of your headrests not staying up. Overall, a refreshing and much-needed update. So is the addition of diesel to the lineup.

    • Grande SUV 27 mpg hwy

      by Raj|ESunday, March 14, 2021


      If you're buying the 2021 Suburban, choose the Duramax Diesel, you won't be disappointed. It is smooth and consumes a lot of fuel. The size of the SUV is deceiving, it drives like a much smaller vehicle. Be sure to update to get all relevant security features. I recommend the deluxe package.

    • Big room

      Von Vanna|ETuesday, June 22, 2021


      Absolutely the space this car has. I have the RST with the deluxe package. A bit annoying that it still didn't come with navigation at this price. With four kids, it has the space you need and drives without a hitch. I once owned a 2021 Tahoe. I'm still worried about this engine (same as my Tahoe) as it failed at 3500 miles... GM knows they have a lift/bumper issue on these cars. Still nervous on all of our summer trips!

    Based on 7 consumer reviews for 2021-2023 models.|


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    75.405 $
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    3.000 $
    78.405 $

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