Rain symbolism (7 meanings in literature and spirituality) (2023)

Rain can be a relaxing event that you can leave alone while listening to the soothing raindrops on your windowsill. For many people, rain can be beneficial and create inner peace within them. For others, the symbolism of rain is quite different: it can be a symbol of cleanliness and clarity.

Rain symbolism (7 meanings in literature and spirituality) (1)

But there are also some other meanings of rain. It can be used as a symbol of sadness and melancholy, which is particularly typical of literature and art, as well as cinema. It is also a widely used symbol of romance as it is used in many romantic films and literature, especially in the famous scenes where the protagonists make love in the rain.

The symbolism of rain has many different meanings. It is a very broad symbolism that can have different implications when used in different environments. Let's take a look at some of the main meanings of rain and how it's used in literature and film.

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Rain symbolism: 7 meanings

What are some of the main meanings we associate with rain?

1. Cleaning

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Rain washes away dirt and pollution physically, but also mentally. This rain symbolism is commonly seen in movies where it is used as a kind of cathartic quality that cleanses the soul. It acts as the redeeming event that can free the soul and remove all bad thoughts and negativity from your mind.

But rain is also good for cleaning the air and removing pollutants. Have you ever seen how clean the air is after a rain? You may be able to see for miles what was previously not possible.

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2. Sadness and depression

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Rain can also play a fairly negative role as it can induce feelings of sadness and depression. When it rains, it gets dark, which can bring negativity and increase negative feelings and thoughts in us.

That is why one can feel sadness when it rains. That isscientifically correctThis rain can bring sadness, that's why many people don't like rain. This negative connotation of rain is often portrayed in movies to evoke melancholy and feelings of sadness and depression (more on that later).


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3. Calm down

Perhaps surprisingly, the rain also has a calming quality. If it rains calmly and there is no wind, it can even be a symbol of calm. But it's different when a storm comes and destroys everything before it.

It forces us to withdraw within and take a moment to reflect on ourselves and those around us. While some people don't like it, for many it's a good opportunity to take a closer look at their feelings.

Plus, for many trying to fall asleep, the rain is usually welcome. It can be relaxing listening to the raindrops falling on the windowsill while trying to fall asleep or calming down after a stressful day.

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4. Obstacle

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Rain is also often an obstacle that prevents someone from achieving a greater goal. It can be quite uncomfortable being outside when it's raining, so that discourages us from going outside in the first place.

Because of this, it has gained a reputation as a symbol of negativity and obstacle. But in films, for example, it is used as a symbol to represent a character's mental strength and determination to overcome this problem.

5. Rebirth and growth

Rain symbolism (7 meanings in literature and spirituality) (9)

Without rain and water, life on earth would be impossible. It is responsible for keeping the life cycle alive as it helpsFlowerand species grow on earth. It provides them with fluids to stay alive and grow and keep the life cycle going.

Without sufficient rain, lakes would empty and seas would dry up. And if there were no water on Earth, life would be virtually impossible. Although it is uncomfortable when it rains, it is necessary to keep us alive and other species alive as well.

This idea of ​​rebirth is even more pronounced at the end of the rain, whenThe Rainbowarrive andthe part of the cloudsto revealSonneIt's a new day.

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6. Fertility

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Rain creates fertile soil. In the past, when people did not have irrigation systems, they relied heavily on rain to help them grow their crops. But when it didn't rain, their crops didn't grow, leading to poverty and hunger.

Today we have developed different crop growing systems, but rain is still essential for growth and fertility. Some Indian and Egyptian peoples used the symbol of rain to represent fertility and it was often seen as a symbol of good luck that would help them farm more and survive more comfortably.

7. Change

Rain symbolism (7 meanings in literature and spirituality) (13)

When it rains, the weather changes. There's a well-known saying that "after the rain, the sun always shines," meaning that it takes rain for positive change to happen.

We can connect this to almost all of our difficulties in life. It can be difficult at first, but allowing ourselves to change and grow is absolutely necessary. Without rain there would be no change.

Symbolism of rain in literature and cinema.

Due to its high symbolic power, rain is often used in literature and film. It can have many different meanings, so let's take a look at some of them.

1. Omen

Rain is often used as a forecast symbol in movies. It could symbolize that the story will take a negative turn or that negative events are about to happen. In movies, it may start raining just before a big event or coincide with the event.

For example, it could happen before a traumatic scene in the film. Dark clouds are present and there may be heavy rain to keep spectators excited.

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2. Romantic

Rain is a common feature in romantic films, especially when used as a symbol of love. This leads to many "kissing in the rain" scenes and other romantic scenes where the rain is used as a background event to further the sense of romance.

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The list of films in which the rain falls during a romantic scene is long. Some of the most famous are Spiderman, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Notebook, Singin' in the Rain, A Cinderella Story, Australia and a few others.

3. Determination

When a character is going through a rough patch during a movie, there may be a scene where the character is walking in the rain. This rain can symbolize a traumatic event that may have happened to the character and is almost an effect used to inspire sympathy for the character.

However, it often happens that the character can weather the storm and move around in the rain. This is used to represent the protagonist's determined character where the protagonist overcomes the rain.


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Have you ever wondered what rain can symbolize? You may only have associated negative feelings with it, but rain can have many other meanings. The symbolism of rain represents cleanliness, tranquility, growth and fertility and even rebirth.

It is also a popular symbol of filmmakers and literary authors who use rain as a symbol of omens. It is also commonly present in romantic scenes, but also to represent a protagonist's high mental toughness.

Rain symbolism (7 meanings in literature and spirituality) (14)


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