The 10 Best Double Edge Razor Blades - (2023)

When looking for the best double-edged razor blades, personal taste and skin play a big part in the decision. Your skin type will determine whether a particular blade can irritate your skin or your tolerance for puddles and cuts. When compiling this list of the best double-edged razors, we are aware that many reviews are subjective. With that feedback in mind, we also looked at price, value, and fairing material.

10. Polsilver Super Iridium Double Edge Razor Blades

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These double-edged blades can resist corrosion due to iridium material. Second in density, this element gives razors a silvery appearance. Some customers say they have received six to seven uses per razor blade. Those with fuller beards report two to three shaves before needing a replacement. However, these are considered quite sharp. These sheets are very expensive, around $8-$9 at the time of writing.

9. 100 Israeli Personna Double Edged Stainless Steel Blades

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You'll notice the platinum chrome plating and stainless steel construction on these finest dual edge razor blades.

The overall sharpness of the blades makes them a good choice for men with beards and has been nominated as one of the best double-edged razors. Still, those with more facial hair can probably get 4-5 shades per sheet. With that level of sharpness, there is also the possibility of cuts if you don't shave carefully. One customer comment advises against using a heavy razor on this blade. Something more than forced light on your face is called by some nicknames.

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The blade pack does not come with cases to store it after use.

8. Navalha Personna Double Edge

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The anti-friction coating promises to reduce and eliminate friction. This can happen during shaving due to a process known as chafing, where the material from the blades is pressed against the face or other skin. The coating that counteracts this can be seen in this example of our finest double-edged razor blades.

Some double-edged blade reviews note that these Personna are sharp, but not as sharp as the others. One of the reasons could be the thickness of the razor blades. A customer reported a bad experience and noticed that the razor blade pulled out the hair.

When using each shovel, you will have a backpack to put them in. Each blade comes individually packaged.

7. Astra Superior Platinum double-edged razor

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Each blade in this post on our list of the best double-edged razors is numbered “1” and “2” on one side and “3” and “4” on the other. These numbers identify the potential source of production issues for customer service representatives. For users, these numbers guide the rotation of the blades.

Overall, based on customer reviews, Astria is rated very spicy, but not as spicy as The Feather brand. Those who have slightly sensitive skin or are not comfortable with waxing may prefer Astra over Feather. Still, be sure not to get complacent, as carelessness can result in nicks and cuts.

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Blades are packaged separately in cardboard instead of plastic sleeves.

6. Super rustproof double edge shark razor blades

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As customer reviews suggest, you may notice some dents when using the Shark for the first time. Over time, you'll likely get used to using it and find it to be an overall irritation-free shaving experience. While generally sharp, these blades are duller compared to other brands.

Blades usually come 20 at a time, with four placed in each of the five smaller boxes. Trying to separate new from used when trying to reuse blades can be a little awkward.

5. Merkur Double-edged Razor

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At first glance, the price of these best double-edged razor blades looks very attractive. However, there are only 10 pieces in each package. Each slide comes individually wrapped in wax. At least one reviewer has raised concerns about the safety of this approach for those who remove one of the leaves.

In general, these blades clean the face after two strokes. As the blade is not as sharp as those of other brands, beginner's double-edged razors may find some effectiveness without the risk of nicks and cuts.

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4. Rasierklingen Classic Double Edge Wilkinson Sword

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These Wilkinson blades have a coating that combines chrome ceramic and PTFE, which stands for polytetrafluoroethylene. You may recognize this last component by its more familiar name, Teflon. The coating gives the blades a smooth feel and appearance.

In 4 reviews of double-edged razor blades of this model, you can usually find descriptions like very durable, clearly sharp, yes. It is not too aggressive when shaving and is not prone to significant irritation. Some users notice that they tend to get bored after using it for a short time. Each of these blades can be used five to six times, assuming daily weekday use.

To use

Looking for an easier shaving solution? To checkThe best disposable razor bladeson the market, which have been highly appraised by customers!

3. Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razors

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Value is a consideration in what makes our list of the best double-edged razors, and this Dorco fits that bill. Each order contains 100 blades, each individually wrapped and packaged in smaller boxes of 10.

Customers notice the longevity of the overall package. For example, if you used a straight razor and shaved three times a week, each pack will last you over 33 weeks, which is almost 60% of a year. Each blade can withstand multiple shaves. A single purchase can take more than a year.

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A layer of platinum plus PTFE promotes a close shave. According to a review, the blade is malleable.

2. Double-edged spring blades

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A number of reviews of double-edged razor blades from the products presented here note that the spring is considered the sharpest. These blades scrape extremely close and at considerable speed.

With sharpness comes the need to focus and use great care and skill. For example, slower, shorter strokes (no longer than two inches) are recommended. As this and other double-edged razor reviews explain, one mistake can result in more noticeable cuts. Those with less experience and wet shaving may opt for less sharp alternatives.

Feather coats these double-edged blades with a "hi stainless" platinum finish. With each order you will receive 50 blades.

1. SharpEdge Double Edge 7 Hour Razor Blades

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A list of the best double-edged razors should include at least one from a well-known brand. This Gillette 7 O'clock fills that role. The dual blades are made from stainless steel and were comparable to the Quill due to their almost similar sharpness.

Because it is slightly less sharp than the spring, the Gillette 7 O'Clock may be safer for someone experienced with razor blades. With every order, you'll receive 100 of these double-edged blades. Each lasts for several shaves, and the sheer quantity means you can spread out each pack over a period of several months to nearly a year.

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last word

Ultimately, you are the best judge of what makes the best double-edged razor blades for you. Consider your skin, your face, and your experience or skill with razor blades. You'll find that even the sharpest ones can cause some problems if you're not careful. Please share your experiences with these or any other razors that you think deserve to be considered one of the best double-edged razors.


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