The Best Backpacks for Women: The 5 Best Backpacks Recommended by Experts (2023)

Whether you're on the go, traveling or exploring the great outdoors, a good backpack is your perfect companion - it'sback buddy(literally and figuratively) and your hands are free. Women tend to carry a few items more than men, such as a second pair of shoes to take on or off, hand lotion, feminine hygiene products, and possibly makeup, all of which result in a fuller, heavier bag. So the perfect backpack for women is comfortable, adapts from work to play and keeps your belongings safe and organized. You need help choosing a suitable model for yourself or a female operating system. It's appropriate? we got you StudyFinds has made a list of the best backpacks for women.

Backpacks are much better for your back than shoulder or messenger bags because they evenly distribute the weight of the bag over your body.used correctly). That's good news, over there.15 millionAdults in the US need relief from chronic back pain, making back and neck pain the most costly health problem in Germany.United States in$134.5 billion.Over-the-counter pain relievers provide little relief and are often associated with unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects.

“Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is often treated withPrescribe medicationsas anti-inflammatory agents. But the results of our [research] show that anti-inflammatories actually provide very limited short-term pain relief,” says the associate professor.Manuela Ferreiraat the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, Australia. "They do reduce the level of pain, but only very slightly and possibly of no clinical significance."

The best way to combat back pain is through physiotherapy orYoga. and after aStudy german, AddAdding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to your treatment improves back pain by 84%. Switch to a (better) backpack for instant relief. StudyFinds reviewed recommendations on ten specialized websites to find the five best backpacks for women. If we missed any great models, let us know in the comments.

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The List: According to the experts, the best backpacks for women

1.Mochila Dagne Dover Dakota

The Dagne Dover Dakota is the #1 Recommended Women's Backpack and is ranked "Best Overall" on InStyle and Rank & Style expert lists."I bought this because it's so lightweight and machine washable, the black is sleek and professional, and it has all the compartments to keep me organized."classification and styleQuote a user of your favorite backpack.

The Best Backpacks for Women: The 5 Best Backpacks Recommended by Experts (1)

For a backpack that goes with everything, lasts forever, and is comfortable to wear, look no further than the Dakota Backpack by Dagne Dover,” he says.not styleglowing review of. "It even has a sleeve on the back that fits comfortably over your suitcase, should you decide to travel with it."

Neoprene is so light and soft. The main compartment is roomy enough for shoes and clothing, organizers, a makeup bag, and an exterior side pocket that holds a slim water bottle,” she writes.Maria Clarafor the magazine's best travel selection. “In addition, the interior features a laptop sleeve with bungee containment to keep your laptop or tablet in place, secure, and separate from your other belongings. The adjustable shoulder straps are also made of neoprene to relieve shoulders while wearing.

2.backpack the mountain fox

This colorful backpack is slightly less expensive than its competitors and very stylish. "This backpack has gained cult status in recent years, and with good reason. The Swedish brand stands out for its distinctive fox logo and simple, well-made bags. The wide range of colors also makes it a fashion favorite - you're sure to find a shade you love, whatever your style."classification and stylehe says about his second favorite backpack.


The Best Backpacks for Women: The 5 Best Backpacks Recommended by Experts (2)

fjallraven is popularOh KankenThe model is quite small (it was originally developed to prevent back problems in school-age children) andnot styleThe best mini backpack. "Every detail has been carefully thought out. Take the main compartment, for example, which has a large zippered opening designed for easy packing and unpacking. Then there's the included foam seat pad, which stows in the inside back pocket and prevents pesky items you put there from getting into your back. It's also made from a weather-resistant Vinylon fabric that can resist dirt and moisture. Gain."

Scandinavian clothing brand Fjallraven makes some of the best work bags for women.wife and house. "Light and airy, their designs span many iterations, with over 18 colors in the brand's best-selling Kanken design, there's a Fjällräven to suit everyone."

3.Everlane Renovar Backpack

Another stylish and affordable backpack option is Everlane's Renew backpack. It is practical and professional: "This classic, vintage-inspired backpack is ideal for women who want to go out for a day with a versatile bag that goes well with a classic outfit,” she says.Half way.

The Best Backpacks for Women: The 5 Best Backpacks Recommended by Experts (3)

OKtravel far, this backpack has it all: "If your ideal backpack combines a contemporary aesthetic with versatile functionality and, most importantly, an affordable price, then you'll love this stylish multitasker from Everlane. Wrapped in machine washable 100% recycled polyester With a padded laptop compartment, the Renew Backpack is a stylish and practical companion for all your daily activities, whether you're traveling, hanging out with friends, or on the road.”

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Our pick for the best stylish travel backpack for women is the Everlane ReNew Transit backpack,” he writes.Travel + Leisure. "It's big enough to fit a 15" laptop without feeling too bulky, as the laptop fits into its own separate pocket (also a bonus when it's TSA time). […] The backpack is also water repellent, so you'll be safe even in an unexpected storm. And, of course, we appreciate that it's made from recycled plastic bottles and that it also uses Bluesign-approved textile dyes for its five neutral color options.”

4.Cuyana LederrucksackOCalpak So

Leather or not leather? If real leather is not a problem, but an advantage for you, experts recommendCuyana leather backpack. "Made in a small, family-owned Italian factory on the outskirts of Pisa," it "combines plush fabrics with a sleek silhouette to make the perfect work-to-weekend companion," she far.

The Best Backpacks for Women: The 5 Best Backpacks Recommended by Experts (4)

the cuiana isnot styleFavorite backpack of: "You'll feel like a true professional carrying this sophisticated leather backpack that goes well with business casual attire or more formal office attire. While many backpacks may be suitable for work, this Cuyana backpack is particularly suitable for work thanks to its built-in security features, such as: B. an interior laptop sleeve.

Do you prefer a leather look, but without harming animals? EITHERThe Calpak Kaya Faux Leather Laptop Backpack is asuper stylish upgrade to a traditional backpack”, byclassification and style., That is "a breeze for work. Not only is the design sophisticated enough to shine in your office, but the laptop bag also makes transporting your computer that much easier for those days. Also, the luggage cart cover comes in handy when you are traveling on business.”

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5.Borealis-Mochila de The North Face

Our final pick is another affordable backpack from an iconic brand, but one that's better suited for the trails than the office. "A perfect backpack for the outdoor enthusiast."Classification and Style.“This bag has all the features you want for a day on the trails. There's plenty of room for all your essentials, plus padded shoulder straps and back panel, chest and waist straps for added support and comfort on long hikes.

The Best Backpacks for Women: The 5 Best Backpacks Recommended by Experts (5)

“Those looking for an affordable backpack look no further. Already a classic, the Borealis The North Face Women's Backpack is the perfect companion for afternoon hikes, bike rides, days at the beach, and any other excuse to get out and about,” she far.“With hinged shoulder straps and a women's specific FlexVent carry system certified by the American Chiropractic Association, this backpack is incredibly comfortable to wear. It also comes with a padded laptop compartment and 360-degree reflectivity for added safety in low-light conditions.”

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