The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (2023)


We've found some of the best laptop briefcases, sleeves, briefcases and sleeves for every situation, whether you're traveling to work or abroad.

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (1)

VonKaren Haslam

Editor, macweltMARCH 11, 2023 11:30 PM PST

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (2)

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (3)

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A good MacBook sleeve shares many characteristics with Apple laptops. We want it to be durable, so it has to be made of good materials. We want to use it for multiple tasks, so it should have plenty of pockets and compartments. Let's face it, with the dwindling number of ports on MacBooks, bags often have an advantage. And since we all admire good design here, we certainly don't care if the bag looks great.

Also, whichever MacBook you have, Air or Pro, you've probably spent enough on it that you don't want to risk damaging it, and you don't mind spending a little more to keep it safe.

There's no shortage of companies that make protective accessories for MacBooks, from laptop cases and backpacks to direct-fit cases, sleeves, and sleeves, and many of them go out of their way to be as stylish as the Mac they're protecting. .

Whether you have a 13", 14" or 16" model, we've rounded up a selection of our most popular MacBook Air and MacBook Pro cases, sleeves, backpacks and bags to keep your Mac safe .

All of the scholarships listed below meet these criteria, but we have taken care to select scholarships that meet specific requirements. Keep in mind that not every case here will fit every MacBook, but if a case doesn't fit the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we'll certainly make a note of that.

Case Logic Laptop Sleeve - The most colorful and simple MacBook sleeve

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (4)


  • tight fit
  • Padded
  • Nuclear

In contrast

  • lack of pockets

Price upon verification:£30

The best prices today:£20.74 at Amazon

fits: 13 inches

Case Logic makes many laptop sleeves that fit various MacBook sizes and come in a variety of colors. The Case Logic laptop sleeve fits up to a 13.3-inch MacBook, such as the M1 MacBook Air or M2 MacBook Pro.

It's body-hugging to keep your MacBook in place, and it's padded for extra protection. There are woven straps on the sides for extra protection of the laptop and reinforcement of the bag. It's a slim case that should fit nicely in your pocket.

Available in a variety of bold colors including pink, dark blue, lime green and teal.

Harber Nomad Organizer: The best organizer for MacBook

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (5)

(Video) Best Macbook Pro laptop case? Sleeve vs case vs bag - budget vs premium


  • Pockets for technical organization.
  • First class luxury leather look
  • Can hold MacBook and iPad
  • Detachable handle and shoulder strap

In contrast

  • Go upstairs quickly if it's too stuffy
  • Caro

Price upon verification:£ 329

The best prices today:£329 at Harber£329.00 on Amazon

fits: 13 inch, 14 inch

While a laptop looks like a self-contained unit, with the motherboard, display, trackpad, and hard drive all in one package, it's not that simple.

You'll need a home charger and charging cable, and when you're out and about you need to charge your AirPods, and you might prefer a mouse that fits your MacBook's trackpad. What if you also have an iPad for work? A simple suitcase isn't enough, but the Nomad Organizer from luxury bag manufacturer Harber London is.

The Nomad has ten pockets: one padded for your MacBook Pro and another padded that fits a 9.7- to 12.9-inch iPad with enough space to handle the tablet with a smart cover. However, keep in mind that if you're also packing chargers and other tech, it can be difficult to close the cover when you're holding both the laptop and tablet.

A bottom pocket is large enough for your MacBook charger, but you'll notice a bulge in the fine lines when closed. I prefer to keep bulky things in a bag with a wide opening. Check out oursFavorite tech organizer bags- and use this bag for your most important essentials.

Two zipped pockets for storage (e.g. cash or memory cards) and a practical key ring loop. There are some pencil holders or an Apple Pencil.

There's also a phone pocket, but I'm not sure I'd want all my devices in one place, and most of us prefer to keep our phone in an easier-to-sling pouch or pocket close at hand. If so, it's big enough for an iPhone Pro Max.

Below that pocket are a couple of slots for credit or travel cards, and above that are five loops that hold an AirPods case, cables, and even an AirTag; After all, the case alone is definitely worth it at this price. stay in control at all times. I would have preferred elastic straps for a firmer fit, but I can appreciate that the leather design looks super lush.

You can carry the Nomad organizer under your arm with a subtle recessed strap, or attach a matching strap to carry it over your shoulder like a crossbody bag.

It's a high-quality MacBook sleeve, handcrafted from full-grain Spanish leather, and it really screams luxury. Available in tan, dark brown, black and navy blue.

Mujjo Envoy laptop bag - smart bag with storage space

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (6)


  • Premium look and feel
  • accessory pockets
  • sleeve strain

In contrast

  • no locked pockets

Price upon verification:£ 95

The best prices today:£95 at Mujjo

fits: 14 inch, 16 inch

Crafted from premium, water-resistant vegan leather, the Envoy laptop sleeve from Dutch design label Mujjo not only offers portable storage for your MacBook, but also for your favorite accessories. There are customized external pockets to store your charger and cords as well as your phone and other essentials.

Your laptop is protected by the sleeve's slim magnetic opening, which combines quick access with a secure closure. With ease, there is a generous side slit that allows for easy sleeve wear.

On the back there is an easy-access pocket for a notebook or passport. You can carry pretty much anything slim in this bag, so don't leave it unattended at the coffee shop!

The Mujjo Envoy is available in black or blue and for both14 inchesmi16 inchesMacBook Pro, although the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks are also comfortable (if a little loose).

(Video) Top 10: Best MacBook Sleeves of 2022 / MacBook Pro 13 Case, Laptop Sleeve Bag, Notebook Sleeve Bag

Speck SmartShell - Carcasa simple y colorida

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (7)


  • protects in use

In contrast

  • more colors please

Price upon verification:£ 47,30

The best prices today:49.86€ at Amazon

fits: 13 inches

If you want to protect your laptop while you use it, you can add a clear or colored case to it. The Speck SmartShell case is available in different sizes to fit different MacBooks.

There are transparent cases as well as a few different color options including Cozy Pink, Obsidian, and the Clear variant for the MacBook Air M2 so you can pick one that suits your personality.

UAG Plyo Case - Extra strong bag for laptops

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (8)


  • Super resistant helmet

In contrast

  • Specifically about the exact model of the MacBook

Price upon verification:£ 74,80

The best prices today:€60.40 at Amazon

fits: 13 inches

Some cases are designed to do more than add a little color to your MacBook. Several manufacturers make hard cases that add an extra layer of protection to your MacBook Pro or Air.

UAG (Urban Armor Gear) manufactures impact-resistant armor for your MacBook. The Plyo Series has extra strength built into the padded corners and vents to ensure proper airflow (to prevent the laptop from overheating).

Make sure you buy the exact case for your MacBook model.

Case Logic Bryker Backpack Roller - laptop bag with telescopic handle

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (9)


  • telescopic handle
  • Occurs
  • Versatile
(Video) Best MacBook Pro Case 2023 - Mous Sleeve review

In contrast

  • It is not a suitcase replacement.

Price upon verification:€ 89,99

The best prices today:£81.26 at Amazon

fits: up to 15.6 inches and a 10-inch tablet

If you don't want to carry your laptop in a back bag all the time, this is a great solution with a telescoping handle that retracts into a zipped compartment and padded storage for up to a 15.6" laptop and an iPad.

It even has wheels (which can be covered when the bag is used as a backpack) so you can lug it around like a suitcase.

The laptop storage space can be partitioned off.

A bottom storage pocket holds bulky accessories, and there's a side pocket for a water bottle.

Timbuck2 Authority Deluxe Laptop Backpack - Padded Laptop Bag

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (10)


  • Mochila Premium
  • many pockets
  • Decent 28L capacity

In contrast

  • special offer

Price upon verification:£ 181

The best prices today:£181.08 at Amazon

fits: 15 inches

Of course, if you have an Apple laptop and want to take it out of the house or office every now and then, you need a good and sturdy bag to carry it with you. a laptop.

A well-designed backpack includes many areas within the bag to store things: like a front pocket, a large main compartment, and a large side pocket. Padded shoulder straps and a padded back ensure that the backpack is comfortable to carry. It's expensive, but theTimbuck2 Authority Deluxe Laptop-Rucksackit is a good option

Thule Gauntlet Attaché – Laptophülle

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (11)


  • Hard case in use
  • detachable shoulder strap

In contrast

  • only black

Price upon verification:£ 70

(Video) Top 6 Best Macbook Air M2 Cases & Sleeves 2022! ✅

fits: 13 inches

If you're looking for a briefcase-style bag with a solid construction, the Thule Gauntlet accessory is a good option. It's a slim and sturdy case with improved corner and edge protection. There is a single detachable shoulder strap as well as shoulder straps. You don't even have to take your Mac out of its case for it to work.

Twelve South SuitCase for MacBook - hard case, hybrid fabric carry-on

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (12)


  • Narrow hard shell but in use

In contrast

  • lack of pockets

Price upon verification:64,99 €

The best prices today:€39.99 on Amazon$79.99 Bei Doce Sur

fits: 13 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch

Backpacks and laptop cases can be bulky and expect you to constantly travel to airports or trains when sometimes all you need is the convenience of a slim briefcase with the protection of a hard shell. SuitCase by Twelve South is an odd name for a briefcase with an integrated handle, but it's a great hybrid of suitcase, clamshell and tote.

There are three layers of protection: a padded, water-resistant gray fabric exterior; Underneath the twill fabric is a layer of hard plastic to protect your MacBook from impact; and inside is a soft layer of microfiber to protect your Mac's finish.

You don't even have to take your MacBook out of the sleeve to get to work, and when it's closed, two zippers keep it securely closed, even while charging.

STM Judge Shoulder Bag - Bag for laptops

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (13)


  • 14 liter storage bag with pockets
  • Detachable handle and shoulder strap
  • Extra pocket for gadgets

Price upon verification:£ 65

fits: up to 16 inches

The Judge Laptop Sleeve by STM fits MacBooks up to 15 inches. It comes in brown, blue, green or grey.

The bag protects your laptop by hanging it so it doesn't touch the bottom of the bag. It's also wrapped in foam. The shoulder strap is easy to adjust and has a cushion to make it more comfortable. Inside there are sections to help with organization and there's also a small pocket inside that STM calls the Stash, which is a bit like a pencil case.

Author: Karen Haslam, Editor

The best bags, cases and sleeves for the MacBook 2023 (14)

Karen has been a contributing editor at Macworld since 2008 and has worked on both sides of Apple's division. She worked at Apple's public relations agency for several years before joining Macworld almost two decades ago.

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Karen's career highlights include an interview with Apple's Steve Wozniak and a speech on Steve Jobs' legacy at the BBC. His focus is on the Mac, but he lives and breathes Apple.

Recent Stories by Karen Haslam:

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