This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (2023)

If you've recently returned to the office, you know how important it is to find one of the best laptop backpacks to take with you. While, yes, a regular cotton bag will probably suffice, there's nothing worse than losing your keys, wallet, or organizer at the bottom of your bag. Not to mention, having a safe, locked-up place for your work laptop or phone is a game changer. SoMaria Claraspoke to the experts - a.k.a. women who love onelaptop bagfor work and learn some things to look for: about the best work bags to store your laptop.

one step away from thatbest job board, the laptop backpacks on this list make it easy to transport all your essentials, whether it's a bunch of charging cables, a bottle of water, or a change of clothes for the gym. and while everyonebackpackson this list are designed for function, many of them are also just plain stylish. Some are made of leather for a sleek, modern look, while others are made of water-resistant nylon or canvas. Go ahead?, we askedBabá Shilpa Shah(opens in a new tab)miLina Calabria, co-founder and COO of Bellroy(opens in a new tab)for your picks, plus round up some of the laptop backpacks that make the team happyMaria Clarafrom brands like Calpak, Longchamp, Herschel and more.

  • The Most Affordable Laptop Backpack:Paravel Faltruck Backpack(opens in a new tab)
  • The most expensive laptop backpack:Professor Senreve bag(opens in a new tab)
  • The best editor-approved laptop backpack:Nailon Mochila Longchamp Le Pliage Club(opens in a new tab)
  • Best Laptop Backpack for Travel:Dagne Dover Dakota Neoprene Backpack(opens in a new tab)
  • Best Versatile Laptop Backpack:Bellroy Tokyo shopper bag(opens in a new tab)

Laptop backpack deals

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (1)(opens in a new tab)

Mochila Nylon Longchamp Le Pliage Club,$ 140$100 without Nordstrom rack(opens in a new tab)

"I am onethe foldingI'm a complete girl, faithfully replacing mine every few years, but lately I've been keeping an eye on Le Pliage Club," writes Jenny Hollander, director of content strategy. "The collector's version of Le Pliage, and I'm nothing more than a Le Pliage Collector: Same size but some updated details (colorful buttons! Embroidered logo!). Fits a small 11-inch laptop.” Shop the backpack in multiple colors at Nordstrom Rack now, including this bright shade of red. Other colors are also availableless than $100 in Gilt.(opens in a new tab)

View deal(opens in a new tab)

What to look for in the best laptop backpack

Say no to backpacks without compartments in 2023! Laptop backpacks are there to make your life easier, so look for the ones that come with lots of cool design details. At least your trip will feel calm if you don't have to open the biggest compartment in your bag to get out one of your most important things every time you want to change a song or put down your book.

"Organization is key when buying a laptop backpack!" Shah says. "I always look for thoughtful design details like internal pockets and integrated laptop sleeves to keep essentials in place."

Tote bags vs. work bags

While some prefer to carry a laptop sleeve, a laptop backpack means you can keep your hands free, not to mention the security of zippers, the utility of pockets, and often more space for your belongings. However, the best laptop backpack "is one that helps you with work and activities outside of your workday, including commuting," says Calabria. "I'm currently using a work bag because I want my hands free when I walk in."

However, the key to true versatility is having a few on hand to use as your needs evolve and change. “I like to have multiple work bag options and then pick the bag that fits what I need to do that day,” Calabria says. "By using a few bags, changing bags every day can become very quick and easy."

The best laptop backpacks

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (2)Best Roomy Laptop Backpack

(opens in a new tab)

Everlane The ReNew Transit-Mochila

If you're looking for a roomy bag with lots of compartments that isn't bulky, look no further than this bag from sustainable brand Everlane. Not only does this style have a super roomy interior, but the exterior of this well-reviewed bag offers two large zippered pockets on the front where you can slip various items in for easy access. It comes in several wearable colors like black, this elegant off-white, and a cool mint green. Lo and behold, it has two compartments for water bottles.

Benefits:space for a 15-inch laptop; cost less than $200; With two water bottle holders; One interior zippered pocket for security; Multiple exterior pockets for easy access

Disadvantages:Can feel bulky when full

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (3)The best understated laptop backpack

(opens in a new tab)

Mochila para portatil Calpak Rich

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When you need a simple backpack that won't look too out of place at your next happy hour session with your coworkers, this one from Calpak is a must. The simple boxy silhouette and black details make it look so timeless. It is available in a multitude of colors such as light pink, lavender and black. With a dedicated zippered laptop compartment on the back, it's slim in design and won't weigh you down. It's also fully equipped with multiple interior compartments to keep you organized on the go.

Benefits: It costs less than US$200; It comes in various colors; It has a dedicated laptop compartment; It has several internal pockets; It fits on a suitcase.

Disadvantages:At 3 pounds heavier than comparable packs; Some critics said that he felt bulky.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (4)The best laptop backpack for all your essentials

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Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

"This is my favorite backpack for long commutes or long subway rides where I don't feel like carrying a regular bag. The laptop sleeve inside is big enough for my 14-inch computer and also has a padded pillow which will keep my expensive tech safe.Mary Poppins and I have one thing in common: we carry what seems like an endless bag with all sorts of stuff inside.I tend to carry a lot of things with me and this Hershel bag is big enough to carry everything I need. smart look that doesn't conflict with what I'm wearing, yeah, that's important.” —Alexis Gaskin, freelance beauty writer

Benefits:costs less than $200; Fits up to a 15" laptop; features padded shoulder straps; has multiple interior pockets; has a drawstring waist and leather strap closure; top rated on Amazon.

Disadvantages:It doesn't have a dedicated compartment for a water bottle; Not waterproof.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (5)The best laptop backpack for traveling

(opens in a new tab)

AWAY The backpack with front pocket

Everyone loves this stylish laptop backpack.branded luggageAWAY is designed for hands-free travel. It's made of water-resistant nylon fabric, comes in a multitude of colors, has three main compartments, and can hold up to a 15" computer. The brand's wheeled options to keep your appearance completely consistent at the airport, but it lacks a dedicated compartment for a water bottle.

Benefits: Waterproof; It costs less than $200; It comes in various colors; It has a dedicated laptop sleeve; Holds a 15" laptop; fits in a suitcase; has multiple interior pockets.

Disadvantages: No dedicated water bottle pocket.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (6)The best laptop backpack for everyday use.

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Mochila Madewell The Lorimer

If you're looking for an option that doesn't cost a fortune, looks luxurious, and is suitable for everyday use, consider this 100% leather laptop backpack from the popular Madewell brand. Buttery soft leather wears over time and provides the perfect lived-in feel. Plus, it's packed with little design details that make it perfect for gifting (read: it's monogrammed!). It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other laptop backpacks on this list, but it gets the job done.

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Benefits:It comes in two colors; can be monogrammed;

Disadvantages:It costs more than $200; Users say that the zipper breaks easily.

The best laptop backpack for traveling

(opens in a new tab)

Dagne Dover Dakota Medium Neoprene Backpack

“I have the Dagne Dover Dakota medium neoprene backpack in dune, as well as the small and large dark blue limited edition. I also have a big oneindian diaper bag(opens in a new tab)in stormy blue. I have been building a collection of these Dagne Dover bags since 2019 because the neoprene is so light and soft. The main compartment is roomy enough for shoes and clothes, diary books, a makeup bag, as well as an exterior side pocket that holds a slimline water bottle (Larq compatible!). Additionally, the interior features a laptop compartment with an elastic closure to keep your laptop or tablet in place, secure, and separate from your other belongings. The adjustable shoulder straps are also made of neoprene, so they're easy to carry over your shoulders when you're on the go. The pockets repel water, but not dirt. However, I put mine in the washing machine under the delicates and let it dry and it looks like new again."Tanya Benedicto Klich, editor-in-chief

Pros: costs less than $200; It comes in various colors; It has an interior laptop sleeve; It has adjustable straps; it is waterproof; machine washable; It comes in three sizes; most voted; It fits on the handle of a suitcase.

Disadvantages: Not resistant to stains.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (8)The best laptop backpack that comes in two sizes.

(opens in a new tab)

Cuyana Lederrucksack

sha says thatCuyanas Lederrucksack(opens in a new tab)It's been his "go to" for years, and it's not hard to see why. This work bag is available in two sizes (13" and 16" respectively) and features an integrated laptop compartment and a larger interior pocket. "This bag was really designed with comfort in mind, with wider back straps and adjustable notches so you can carry your necessities comfortably," she says. You can buy it in multiple colors if the clay color is too difficult to keep clean.

Benefits:It comes in various colors; It comes in two sizes (13" and 16"); Fits up to a 16-inch laptop; Sustainably made; It has a special laptop sleeve inside; It has two inside pockets.
Disadvantages: Costs more than $200;

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (9)The best laptop backpack for long subway rides

(opens in a new tab)

MZ Wallace Metro Deluxe backpack

This soft quilted nylon backpack from MZ Wallace is polished, sophisticated and versatile for day or night. The backpack is packed with smart features that are definitely worth the investment: it comes with a removable pocket for small essentials, two interior cell phone pockets, one for work and one for personal, and has padded shoulder straps for shoulders in each pocket. day comfort. You can also choose between black or navy and it fits most 15-inch laptops.

Benefits:Fits most 15-inch laptops; It has a dedicated laptop compartment; Features padded shoulder straps; It has a detachable bag.

Disadvantages:It costs more than $200.

The most stylish laptop backpack

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Professor Senreve bag

This stylish (and convertible!) option from Senreve doubles as a tote or backpack thanks to its four-way portability, and looks stylish any way you carry it. The stain resistant texture also means it's super durable for years of continuous use. However, it only has one outer pocket and one inner pocket, so it's best if you're traveling light or already have all your office essentials.

Benefits:It comes in various colors; It can be used in four ways; Waterproof; Main compartment holds up to a 15-inch laptop; it has a special compartment for a laptop; it has seven interior pockets; It has a zippered pocket.

Disadvantages: Costs more than $200; The dedicated laptop compartment only accommodates an 11" or 13" laptop.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (11)The best nylon laptop backpack

(opens in a new tab)

Nailon Mochila Longchamp Le Pliage Club

"I am onethe foldingChica Through and Through faithfully replaces mine every few years, but lately I've been keeping an eye on Le Pliage Club. The collector's version of Le Pliage - and I'm just a Le Pliage collector - is the same size but with some updated details (coloured buttons! Embroidered logo!). Fits a small 11-inch laptop." —Jenny Hollander, Director of Content Strategy

Benefits:costs less than $200; It comes in various colors; top zipper and latch closure; folding; It has a water repellent lining; Made of easy-to-clean nylon.

Disadvantages:Does not fit laptops larger than 11 inches.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (12)The best laptop backpack for the minimalist.

(opens in a new tab)

Bellroy Tokyo shopper bag

"The Tokyo Tote Compact is perfect for carrying some really quick-access items in a bag format that doesn't compromise organization," Calabria says of this sporty backpack. It's available in six color tones, including red, green, and black, and it has plenty of design details that prove it's worth the price: padded shoulder straps, vertical front pockets for easy access to all your essentials, plus it's Made of water resistant nylon. to travel all year.

Benefits:Features padded shoulder straps; Made of water repellent nylon; Fits most 15-inch laptops; three-year warranty; It costs less than $200; It has interior pockets with a pocket to store water bottles.

Disadvantages:It has a bulky silhouette.

The best affordable laptop backpack

(opens in a new tab)

Paravel Faltruck Backpack

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Made from 15 recycled plastic water bottles, this backpack from travel brand Paravel folds shut into a small pocket when not in use, making it ideal if you travel frequently. I also recommend keeping it in your work bag if you're the type of person who hits the gym before or after a day of work. Once you start hiking though, the backpack easily expands to accommodate your essentials and up to a 15" laptop. Plus, you can personalize it with your monogram for a personalized look.

Benefits: Sustainably manufactured; It costs less than $200; It comes in various colors; Folds up to fit in your other bag; Light; Fits up to a 15" laptop, can accommodate a change of clothes.

Disadvantages: Does not hold its shape.

Meet the experts

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (14)

Shilpa Shah

Shilpashe was drawn to Cuyana because of the opportunity she had to improve the lives of women by creating high-quality, responsibly made, affordable products with a story and soul that could be passed on through human connections.

Shilpa began her career in interaction design and has over 20 years of experience designing customer experiences, web and mobile interfaces for Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and AT&T. Before founding Cuyana, Shilpa supplemented his background in design and engineering with business experience through her MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Today, Shilpa leads the company as CXO, Chief Experience Officer, shaping an omnichannel brand journey across physical and digital touchpoints.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (15)

Lina Calabria

Lina Calabria, co-founder and COO of Bellroy, is an engineer and executive with a focus on collaborative learning and development, embracing alternative perspectives, and nurturing all facets of the business. Throughout Bellroy's growth, Lina also served as Chief Financial Officer and Director of Sales and Marketing. Prior to Bellroy, Lina worked as a business consultant for clients including Australia Post, Royal Mail and Pfizer.

This best-selling Madewell backpack is already on sale with a 50% discount (16)

(Image credit: Getty)

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The 19 Best Laptop Bags for Women to Take Anywhere


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This Madewell Insider Sale only happens twice a year, and, with fall officially here, it's the perfect chance to snag some new seasonal clothing at a discounted price.

Can you stack coupons at Madewell? ›

No, Madewell does not allow coupon stacking. Only one promotion is honored per purchase. If there are multiple promotions available, the deeper discount will be applied to your purchase.

What age group is Madewell? ›

The classic Madewell customer has been, since 2006, the cool and casual 18-24 year old woman. A large majority of their revenue comes from this customer base at a total of 65%, and these same customers also shop at the brand's popular competitors, including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

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Madewell gladly accepts returns or exchanges of merchandise purchased online within 30 days of original purchase. Final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.


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