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What does it mean when the StabiliTrak light suddenly comes on? Should you take your car immediately to the workshop? I'll show you what StabiliTrak is, explained the StabiliTrak Light service.

StabiliTrak is an automatic steering safety system that ensures the vehicle is always steered correctly, even when the road is slippery. It is designed to correct steering when driving in adverse road conditions where the car is more likely to skid.

This system uses sensors that track steering wheel and tire positions relative to the direction of travel. There will be instances where the StabiliTrak service light will come on. Don't panic when you do this. It simply means that the StabiliTrak system cannot be started.

Read on to learn more about the StabiliTrak service light, what it means, how it works, why the light is on, and how to fix it.

What is StabiliTrak?

What is StabiliTrak? Service explains StabiliTrak Light • Road Sumo (1)

vehicle security system

StabiliTrak is avehicle security systemThis ensures that your car's steering is always correct, regardless of road conditions. This system uses sensors that monitor steering wheel and tire positions and compare them to the direction of travel.


This system is designed to correct steering when road conditions cause the car to swerve. There will be times when the StabiliTrak warning light will come on. This is a common occurrence.

Reasons for the warning light to come on

Don't worry if it lights up because it just means the system failed to boot. It could be due to an incorrect tire size. However, if it doesn't turn off, you should take your car to a professional mechanic to have it checked.

StabiliTrak system repair costs

There are many reasons why this StabiliTrak light comes on. This could be unfavorable road conditions, wrong tire size, etc. Maintenance for the StabiliTrak system ranges from $80 to $90.several mechanic workshops.

Your vehicle is still safe to drive when the StabiliTrak light is on. The main function of this system is to help you drive your vehicle in dangerous road conditions. But once theluzpersists in starting, it is better to have it checked by a professional mechanic.

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What does StabiliTrak do?

Keep the car straight

The main purpose of the StabiliTrak system is to keep the car in a straight line while driving on the road. This system has sensors that track the position of the steering wheel and tires in relation to the direction of the road.

Correct position of the car on the road

For example, if the road you are driving on is slippery and your car starts to skid, the StabiliTrak system will activate and correct your car's position on the road. It is a standard car safety system for all General Motors cars including the Chevy brand.

Improved traction control in adverse road conditions

If the road condition you are driving on is undesirable or slippery, StabiliTrak will correct your steering. This system is installed in GMautomobilesto give you better traction control in adverse road conditions.

Why does the StabiliTrak light suddenly flash

If the StabiliTrak light suddenly comes on on your dashboard, it could be for a number of reasons. Here are some causes of this blinking light:

  • The system connection is bad.
  • The controller is faulty
  • The input sensor is not working properly

If road conditions are correct, theStabiliTrak servicethe light will automatically turn off, if this warning light continues to flash while driving, have the system checked by a professional GM mechanic.

What is causing the StabiliTrak light to come on?

What is StabiliTrak? Service explains StabiliTrak Light • Road Sumo (2)

Several causes can cause the StabiliTrak warning light to come on. If the light continues to flash, there is a problem with the system. It may not be working properly, it may have been turned off or received an incorrect signal:

1. Bad connection

Damage to the communication line of GM LAN communication cables

Problems with the StabiliTrak Light can occur due to a poor cable connection. Any damage to the communication line of the GM LAN communication cables can cause the StabiliTrak light to behave strangely.

These cables have a wire harness protected by a plastic sheath. They extend their length to the transmission mechanism. Meanwhile, the plastic heat shield protects wiring and key components, as well as transmission wiring. This heat shield is mounted on the gearbox.

heat exposure

If this heat shield is exposed to heat for a long period of time, its plastic components will become brittle. Over time, they detach from their original positions.

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When this happens, the GM-LAN communication channel is vulnerable. A part can be pressed against the heat shield. Some parts of the cable's plastic sheath are melting.

broken communication

If this GM LAN communication line is grounded, the communication between the ECU or the vehicle's computer system, including the Stabilitrak warning light, will be cut off.

2. Defective control

Send signal to PCM

If there is a problem with your car's PCM or powertrain control module, the StabiliTrak light will also behave strangely. This system has electronic sensors installed on each wheel. They send the signal to the PCM which triggers the system to wake up.

Indispensable in adverse road conditions

The system is activated when the electronic sensor fitted to each wheel sends signals to the PCM about the vehicle's steering performance and stability. This system becomes essential when you are faced with adverse road conditions while driving.

3. Defect sensor


A faulty StabiliTrak system sensor is one of the most common causes for this warning light to behave strangely. It can be caused by the speed of the steering wheel, the steering angle or the speed of the steering wheel.

Replace faulty sensor

After replacing the faulty sensor, you can fix this problem. You should have this faulty sensor on the affected wheel replaced by a professional GM mechanic.

Again, what is StabiliTrak? The StabiliTrak system monitors the position of the steering wheel and tires in relation to the direction of travel. If this light comes on, it could be due to a faulty wheel speed sensor, faulty steering angle sensor, faulty steering rack, or damaged rate of turn sensor.

How to reset the StabiliTrak car service light

There are times when you need to reset the StabiliTrak system light. This is a pretty simple procedure. However, make sure you run a diagnostic scan to find the real cause of the problem before attempting the reset process.


To reset this warning light, do the following:

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  1. Rotate the steering wheel clockwise. The warning light should go out. If not, you should take your car to a GM repair shop to have it checked for a problem with the system.
  2. Turn off the car.
  3. Wait about 10-15 seconds.
  4. start the car

If the StabiliTrak warning light goes out, you have successfully reset it. However, if it continues to flash, you will need to take it to the nearest GM auto service center to have this system checked.

Check Engine Light and StabiliTrak

What is StabiliTrak? Service explains StabiliTrak Light • Road Sumo (3)

The StabiliTrak warning light is associated with the Check Engine Light

The StabiliTrak warning light is closely related to the Check Engine Light. The Check Engine Light flashes when the engine stops. It also turns off your car's traction and stability control.

If you do not correct the source of the problem, the StabiliTrak warning system can develop your problem as well. While it is a possibility, there are also several ways to fix it.

Systems are shut down for security reasons

Both systems require theMotorbe at a reliable and regulated speed. GM has programmed your car to shut down these systems if the engine fails in anticipation of this problem. They did this for security reasons.

Cause of engine misfire

Fixing the cause of the engine misfire will also fix the problem with the StabiliTrak warning light flashing. Several things cause the engine to stall. One is loose spark plug wire connections.

Use a built-in diagnostic tool or code reader

If repairing the wiring connections does not resolve the issue, an onboard diagnostic or code reader can be used. The code reader will tell you exactly what the problem is. There are very cheap OBDs on the market that you can buy and use for this purpose.

Find an OBD reader for GM vehicles

An OBD is very useful as it can detect many problems with your car. Let's say you find an OBD reader designed specifically for GM vehicles, so much the better. The point here is that the StabiliTrak warning light could be acting strangely, not because of a glitch, but because of a related problem.

How much does StabiliTrak repair cost?

Since there are several reasons why the StabiliTrak warning light may behave erratically, it is important to determine the exact cause of the problem. Replacing the system or any of its parts involves certain costs. So if you can solve the problem without spending so much, that would be better.

A typical StabiliTrak system for GM vehicles costs between $80 and $190. This price includes labor between $30 and $50. This depends on the make and model year of your GM car.

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If the problem is a faulty StabiliTrak system sensor and you need to replace the sensors, the typical cost is between $250 and $400 per kit.

When to turn off and when to turn on the StabiliTrak system

Informs the driver about the status of the steering and traction control

The messages provided by your StabiliTrak system are its way of communicating with you. It tells you what to look out for regarding the condition of your car's steering and traction control.

avoid traffic accidents

This technology can prevent the wheels from skidding on wet roads. Therefore, it can prevent you from being involved in a traffic accident when road conditions are not good for driving. It is a standard safety feature on GM vehicles andvehicles.

Disable the safety system when the tires need more traction

For example, you can disable this safety system if the tire needs more traction in an emergency, such as when driving. B. when driving on snow or uneven terrain. Disabling the StabiliTrak system in your car allows you to drive on dangerous roads without risk of damage to steering components or your vehicle.brakes.

It is therefore very important to know when to turn off and when to turn on the StabiliTrak warning light system if your car has this safety system as standard equipment. We hope this article has given you practical knowledge about the importance and functions of this car security system.

Conclusion: What is StabiliTrak?

StabiliTrak is avehicleSafety system that ensures your car's direction is always correct, even on slippery roads. This system is designed to correct your vehicle's steering when driving in adverse road conditions.

Prevent your car from skidding when the road is wet and slippery. StabiliTrak uses several sensors that track the position of the steering wheel and tires. This system compares this data with your customer's addressAutohe drives So this system ensures your safety at all times.

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